20 April 2016

G–D is Bringing the Ten Plagues . . .

Witness the Plagues of Egypt Again, 
Now, Before Pesach

"Ruler of the World interferes with freedom of choice without us noticing. If we notice, if we think a little bit about what is going on in heaven and the world, we will see, hear, and understand G-d's actions in the world and what He is doing in the entire world. G-d is bringing the ten plagues, every minute all over the earth, using the forces of nature, natural disasters, earthquakes, fire, floods, harsh winds, conflicts between countries and among themselves (....) Reb Nir Ben Artzi

All events happened between April 10 and April 16:  Japan, California, Uruguay, Saudi Arabia, Chili, the UK, Texas (a plague of hail
INSIDE their home). 


GoldieZP said...

Happy to see that you "see" this also, Neshama. Take a look at what I posted back in January The 10 Plagues - We Have Them Now

Neshama said...

Well, Goldie, we are STILL getting them, but in greater intensity. The earth is not revolting against humans.

Neshama said...

Er, that's not 'not', it should be 'NOW'
The earth is now revolting against humans!

Neshama said...

I just read this on AbsoluteTruth: " I have discussed the fact that the plagues of Egypt would be repeated in the end of days. The words of Targum of Yonatan ben Uziel tell us about each plague and where it is prophesied in Tenach to repeat in the end of days. That is a very long discussion, too long for here, but it is demonstrating that we have already experienced or are continuing to experience the plagues of Egypt today. Once again, the Haggadah is talking the present as well as the past."

We should look up the Targum!