10 April 2016

Ephraim Before Ben David – Passover – Rabbi Glazerson

Ephraim Before Ben David – Passover – Another Chance to do the Right Thing
Rabbi Glazerson

In a post by Reb Menachem at AbsoluteTruth is a video (April 4) in which Rav Berger commiserates with Am Israel that we might have missed a momentous opportunity on PURIM but for the infighting and Lashon Harah – We lost the golden opportunity for Redemption. Was it the infighting of the Government? Or was it us Yidden who are still not ready?

But just two days after that video, we have another video (April 6) giving us some hope:

BEN DAVID IS WAITING - PURIM PASSOVER 5776 in bible code Glazerson

Ephrayim will come before Ben David

I think it amazing that just 2 days after the first video, we are being given another chance to do the right thing. ShiratDevorah has seized upon this with her post on Lashon Horah

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