30 June 2010

Pidyon Shevuyim

The Vatican has loaned a 9th century prayer book considered to be the oldest Hebrew publication in existence to the Jewish Museum in London...in an impressive set of fellow artefacts, a decadently-illustrated bible from 15th century Spain and an image of the Temple of Solomon...“It is a reminder that in many cases our shared experience is stronger than our differences.” VosizNeias

What kind of "shared experience"
was the 15th C (1492) Expulsion of Jews from Spain?

What kind of "shared experience" were the Crusades?

How Can One Lend a Stolen Possession?

This and other artifacts that once belonged to Jewish People immersed in their devotion to the Creator of the World, and Devout with the Mitzvos...............are being held against their Will.

The Mitzvah of Pidyon Shevuyim is one of the MOST IMPORTANT Mitzvos

The Mitzvah of Pidyon Shvuyim (Hebrew: פדיון שבויים‎, literally: Redemption of Prisoners) is considered an important commandment in the Jewish Halakha. The aim of this Mitzvah, which is the most important of the Mitzvot of Tzedakah[1], is to bring about the release of any Children of Israel held captive by gentiles. The Mitzvah carries a great humanitarian value in the framework of functional community life. Wikipedia.

I don't think "The Crusades" or the "Auto de Fa" give one ownership over items confiscated from persecuted Jews!

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