18 February 2016

"What's Not To Love"

Goats for sale, via Facebook*

Yes, what's not to love about these adorable goats. I just adore goats and little shepselle**  I read on the *timesofisrael online about a Chabad couple who wanted to be involved in farming, and so they eventually moved to Israel "a year and a half ago, currently manage a farm in Moshav Sde Trumot near Beit She’an."

Here is a couple that are really Living the Dream:  "The Shechters — she’s from New Jersey, he’s from Crown Heights section of Brooklyn, New York — got hooked on farming as a couple. They moved around the US, learning beekeeping and ritual slaughter in Iowa before coming to Israel to their farm." "They hope to turn the place into a tourist site where visitors can come to stay for a day or two and “be a part of our farm life,” said Shechter.

The gang's all here, and the other pictures (Courtesy Miriam Shechter)

From an initial purchase, they now have “a freezer chock full of goat milk,” said Shechter. “We’re making cheese and yogurt to get it out of the way.”

"If you’re interested in buying a goat, they’re still available, for NIS 800 to NIS 1,800 ($200-$450) apiece. You can search, "Goats for sale, via Facebook".

** Shepselle is the term of endearment frum Jews call their kinderlach.

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