20 February 2016

The Talmud: "When Someone Comes to Kill You – Kill Him First" (Update below)

Our Talmud says 
"when someone comes to kill you – kill him first"

Gabi Eisenkof (see update below) made a fabricated statement about a soldier emptying a magazine (full of bullets) at a girl (terrorist) in the act of or nearly stabbing her victim! What does he suggest the soldier to do, subdue her with a catchers net?

Israel Rising analyzes:  "The current violence has been carefully orchestrated to rise in severity as to constantly keep the security forces guessing. The knives have now been replaced by guns and if Hamas can be believed, the guns will be replaced by bombs. In fact Hamas has recently issued a music video hinting it is about to return to suicide bombs." The Knife War that has Turned Into Something More.

Glad Erdan replied, "'We never emptied a magazine into a child!'"

From Caroline Glick's latest, Israel’s dangerous consensus (JPost, Friday, February 19th, 2016), you might begin to understand the psychology and perspective of the commanders of Israel's Security apparatus.

So wrote Caroline: "The former master spy, whom I had never met before, knew that I am a journalist. He was aware of my political views. Directing his remarks at a friend of mine, he declared that 99 percent of Mossad and Shin Bet officers are leftists. He then added triumphantly that according to a former commander of the air force whose name he cited, 99% of the air force’s pilots are similarly leftists." 

This leaves one wondering about their misguided leftist ideology.

I would like to counter Gabi's absurd and nonsensical words with this: Knife wielding drunken monkey.  "[A] ruckus broke out at ... when a monkey chugged a glass of rum and went on to grab a kitchen knife and go on a rampage."  This guy went after ONLY the men and not the women.  Source ArutzSheva.

I guess in this situation Gabi would also advise subduing the culprit with a catchers net?

INTERESTING UPDATE:  Google Translate has: 
Eisenkof = Iron Monkey. 
Do we have a correlation here .............!?


Anonymous said...

Let's be perfectly honest, aren't all the heads of authority today 'leftists'. That's why the world is going to hell. Wrong is right, up is down, everything is farkert! In other words, this ideaology is totally the opposite of Torah and G-D's will!

Neshama said...

Thanks ... That's the point!

devora said...

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