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08 December 2014

Rabbi Threatens Haredi Women

Maybe they don't think it proper, but to threaten like this is blackmail . . .

"Every woman who campaigns against the gedolei haTorah (Torah sages) of Israel will make sure her children will not attend hareidi education institutions, and no one will do business with her or work with her, and all of her descendants will be expelled from our schools," Rabbi Mordechai Blau threatened in remarks made to the hareidi media Sunday night.

and intimidation, and the person who said this may be culpable and guilty of an illegal act.

"I guarantee... to implement all of the above, and the above will also apply to men" who support the women's efforts."

Meanwhile, Rabbi Amnon Bazaq, of Yeshivat Har Etzion in Alon Shvut, (…) that if hareidi parties do not begin opening up their ranks to women (…) they may lose a significant number of votes.

"If this does not happen," he warned, "it will raise questions once again about the ways hareidi leadership manipulate halakha [Jewish law] according to their political needs." Arutz 7

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