10 February 2013

Historical FYI

"Nazi government policy and military rules of engagement permitted German Wehrmacht and SS soldiers to kill and murder millions. During 1941 and '42, mobile SS Einsatzgruppen killing units rounded up Jews and other targeted ethnic groups. Armed with a selection of weapons, including K98 rifles and P38 pistols, they murdered hundreds of thousands in killing grounds throughout Poland and the Ukraine."

"Hence, there's one conclusion to take away. It's that the K98 and P38, with no assault weapon features, were designed in their era only for killing, and yet they're not on [the] list."

"Continuing the historical "who is and isn't armed" perspective, consider the Nazi victims. I have read multiple descriptions of wartime evils unleashed on Jews, and one fact is glaringly repeated: they were unarmed. Consider the April 1943 Warsaw Uprising. Knowing that the Germans were going to deport them, Jews had been working to form the Jewish Fighting Organization (JFO). They smuggled into the ghetto what few guns and little ammunition they could."

"Imagine the shock of Aryan soldiers being killed by "sub-human" Jews. Ultimately, the Germans prevailed, but at a cost they hadn't bargained on.
In German hands, the K98 and P38 were weapons of war. Captured from dead soldiers, the same rifle and pistol in the hands of a JFO member meant prolonging life."

"The Second Amendment is in the Bill of Rights. The same military guns, designed for killing, also allowed good citizens to strike back at their oppressors instead of remaining helpless victims .... the Second Amendment guards against tyrannical government."


"According to the February 1, 2013 Wall Street Journal article entitled "Historic Timbuktu Texts Saved From Burning" by Drew Hinshaw, the al-Qaeda "broke into one of the world's most valuable libraries, ripping centuries-old manuscripts from shelves. Then they torched these priceless artifacts, in a scene of destruction that horrified scholars around the world." Some scholars have compared the texts to the Dead Sea Scrolls."

Timbuktu houses at least 100,000 ancient manuscripts 
that date from the 11th century, 
and account for some of the medieval world's 
most sophisticated scholarship. 
Subjects include medicine, law, 
astronomy and botany.

[photo: Benoit Tessier/Reuters]

"Under Reichsmarshall Hermann Goering's control, the "largest confiscations of works of art were stolen from the most renowned Jewish collections" (Feliciano 5). In fact, "Goering's motive was egotistical. He planned for his collection to become a museum ... Hitler's plan was to "create the world's largest museum to glorify the German people." (Nancy H. Yeide. "The Plunder of Art as a War Crime: The Art Looting Investigation Unit Reports and the Hermann Goering Art Collection. Rutgers Journal of Law and Religion. Volume 8.2, Spring 2007, p. 3.)"

"It is clear that one of the manifestations of evil is in the looting and destruction of items of historical and cultural value. Such cultural vandalism marks the difference between civilization and barbarism. It is not surprising that there are so many points of agreement with Islamic jihadists and Naziism."

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[There is usually a hidden purpose behind major earth-shaking events, such as to wake up "lost Jews" from their Golus slumber. The 'New Nazis' of this generation are leaving the identical footprints on the world.]


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