31 October 2012

... the day after

Some additional links and text on the devastated NE United States

Hurricane Sandy takes out Major NYC Internet Provider

Nearly the size of the United States, Hurricane Sandy was unstoppable:

(AP Photo)

True scale of damage just coming to light. "The full scale of the destruction caused by the 'superstorm' is coming to light, with row after row of Atlantic vacation homes on the horizon wiped out (pictured top before and below after) by the deadly force of surging waters and winds which reached peaks of 95mph. Deaths were reported in New York, West Virginia, Pennsylvania and Connecticut. Atlantic City's historic boardwalk is in splinters, and this once-bustling New Jersey town is a devastated shadow of its former self." (Daily Mail)

This WSJ graphic gives an overview:

Map of Utility Outage Areas

Mayor Bloomberg: One in four buildings without power.

Darkness hovering over the earth:

Seaside NJ looks eerily like Japan's tsunami:

Battery Park, NY

(Photo: Business Insider)

Phenomenally sad pictures from and English (British) website:

HERE. It looks like 9/11 destruction spread here and there all over the NY Metropolitan area plus some (NY, NJ, CT, DE, MD, WV, PA, NC, ME & Canada). In Breezy Point NY alone, 80 to 100 homes destroyed by Sandy and uncontrollable fire. That means 80 to 100 families, children, without their home and possessions. Senator Ten Turner from NY is among the bereft.

In this picture, clouds and a rainbow hovering over Manhattan, reminiscent of Parshas Noah