19 September 2012

A New Year, A New Neshoma

The author of the Shem MiShmuel* writes:

While the shofar is sounding, Hashem is breathing life into you for another year. Have in mind that Hashem is breathing that into you through the mouth of the shofar, with a new soul coming out the wide end. Why?

The ram that was bound instead of Yitzchak – Avraham removed both its horns, its shofars. Hashem saved them for two special occasions: one was used at the giving of the Torah; the other one is reserved for heralding the Resurrection of the Dead.

Each year, says the Shem MiShmuel, Hashem resurrects you in some small way, gives you something that has never happened for you before.

(*From Rabbanit Mizrahi, Rosh HaShana Shiur)

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