01 June 2008

President Bush's Knesset Speech

This was Bilaam all over again, Blessing our People's creation and purpose in the world. As a religious man, Pres Bush was speaking from the heart. He knew it was an historic opportunity, and it seems he heeded the Rabbis letter of warning to him. B"H Pres Bush allowed that aspect of him that is genuine and humble to guide him here.

There were parts of his speech that were undoubtedly prophetic, and portions that were just plain "Bush" (concealing political innuendos).

It was truly amazing to witness a modern-day king (although some dispute this) open his mouth, Bless our people, our purpose to the world, and what should be important to us. Surely, Hashem put those words out for all of us to hear and to take to heart.

We have once again been given a directive from Hashem to live up to.
Bless Hashem for allowing us to see/hear/read this again.

Footnote: I wrote to some of my friends that I thought he sounded like Bilaam, and Hashem was speaking to us from the mouth of Pres Bush. I did not receive any comments back, in agreement or in disagreement. I wonder if they felt the same, but will never know.

However just this Shabbos I read a statement made by Jack Engelhard, from Israel National News, that went like this:

"The Arab leadership dismissed the speech as a betrayal and speaking for them was Yossi Beilin, who cited the speech as a "shame and a scandal." Beilin would havepreferred Bush to curse Israel, like the Balak of Scriptures, but instead


who could not helphimself but heap praise ...."

So, I guess there was someone else out there that saw what I saw.

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