02 June 2008

"I have a feeling that just like before World War II ..."

Hisorerus from Rav Chaim Stein Shlita

Based on remarks of the Rosh Yeshiva in Yeshivas Telshe-Cleveland
(as appeared in Yated 25 Iyar 5768, p42):

I have a strong feeling to give us inspiration for strengthening ourselves. There are things that we all know, but for those of us who went through World War II, we have a different feeling to the current situation.

The year 5693 was when Hitler yimach shemo came to power, beginning the destruction of Europe. Prior to those years the Jews in Germany lived a great life in every way possible, and no one could imagine that such destruction could ever happen.

Rav Meir Simcha of Dvinsk, the author of the Sefer Meshech Chochma (5623), was nifter in 5686 at a point when golus was very good. He writes (Behukosai) that the situation of Klal Yisroel, for whatever reason, can go for many years in peace and tranquility and then, suddenly, Hashem destroys it all. Rav Meir Simcha warns that we have to constantly think about it. During the good times, people think that Berlin, Germany, is just as great as Yerushalayim, but then Hashem brings a wind that destroys everything. Rav Meir Simcha wrote this at a time when everything was going well for the Yidden in Germany.

What was the point of writing this?

The posuk says, “al tivtichu binedivim.” Don’t put your trust in any one government. Instead, one must trust Hashem, for He can change everything.

Whenever I look at this Meshech Chochma, it reminds me that, although it’s not a crime to be in a good golus, one must always remember that this is not what Klal Yisroel is supposed to look like. Chas veshalom, I don’t mean to predict bad things to happen to Klal Yisroel. Still, we should be aware that, even in America, where the golus is a lot better than the other golusim, Hashem can turn things around. Chas veshalom, I don’t mean to be tiftach peh leSoton, but a person cannot even imagine how things can go unpleasant for the Yidden in Today’s day and age.

We have to realize that Hashem can do anything.

From the current events, we can see that Hashem runs everything in the world. Don’t forget the dangers that Klal Yisroel can be going through. We should not put our trust in anyone, not even the government.

Again, I don’t mean to predict anything, but we can see a downfall in America, especially at a time when a person whose name is Hussein and with such a background can be elected as president! Of course, with Hashem’s help, nothing bad will come out of it, but Hashem is showing us that we should realize what could happen. Therefore, we have to wake ourselves up to think differently.

The Medrash Tanchuma (Toldos 5) states that Klal Yisroel said to Hashem, “Look how the nations want to destroy us. The governments of the world do no other work except for sitting and plotting to destroy Klal Yisroel.” Hashem responded, “what do the nations gain? They make plans to destroy Klal Yisroel, but I stamp out those plans.”

The Medrash continues: Adriyanus said to Rabi Yehoshua, “The sheep is so great that it can stand between seventy wolves and they cannot destroy it!” Rabi Yehoshua replied, “The sheep is not what’s great; rather, the shepherd is great for he protects the sheep.”
Adriyanus was saying that the sheep which is Klal Yisroel, is so great, for it stands against seventy nations that want to destroy it. Rabi Yehoshua replied that Hashem is the one Who protects us. This is not an exaggeration. If not for Hashem, the seventy wolves would have destroyed us.

Once more, I’ll repeat that I have a feeling that just like before World War II no one could imagine that there would be such hatred, so too, nowadays, no one can imagine such a thing. However, we have to realize that Hashem is the one Who protects us.

The Gemara (Sanhedrin 98b) relates that the talmidim asked Rabi Eliezer “What should a person do to be saved from the birth pangs of Moshiach?”

He answered, “One should occupy himself with Torah and chesed and that merit will stand for him for many generations to come.”

* * * * *

There is no comment on the above, except that I write this
as I gaze out my window at the sunny stillness that
permeates this Sunday afternoon.

Perhaps our people also saw such a peaceful afternoon one Sunday in 1942?

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    joshb said...

    It is so easy to see that there can or will be another holocaust. Why aren't you jews doing your homework ? Don't you realize that at the gates of the new auswitch, you will come to regret what you haven't done that could save you ? How come you are so blind ? How can you demand protection from heaven, and then not do your part ? Must everything be spoon fed to the jews, as if they are little babies without a brain ? Do the jews think they don't have to think ? What is wrong with you all ! Unbelievable (2x) !

    What have the Nazis told you ? They were angry with the "money jew" the jewish bankers. This can not be denied. Who was angry with the jews before the Nazis ? The socialists. What does "nazi" mean: "national socialist" at least the initial propaganda was pro-labor, "socialist" in a (weird) way.

    Were they right ? Oh yes they were right. There were jewisch bankers, these bankers were not rejected by the rest of the jews as heretics.

    But infinitely worse: jews changed the Torah law to make the profit motive on investements the law: heter iska, prosbul. What deceptive lies are those, even a child should be able to see the obvious rebellion. Ask a court to sign a loan so that it does not cancel in the 7th year, because court decicions don't cancel in the 7th year ? Do you think that renaming a loan a "iska" will make it any different ? Amazing that what pretends to be orthodox has gone along with these rebellions. You put the shulchan aruch above the Torah, but the SA destroys the Torah law system.

    That was the guilt of the jews in 1942, and it still is. But now jews are also guilty of ignoring the lesson of the first holocaust.

    Now look at the parallels:
    1929: financial problems into which the jews are tied in because their rebellion, then war, then holocaust.
    2008: financial problems into which the jews are tied in because their continuing rebellion, now threat of war, and because of the guilt of the Jews you can again be blamed and then suffer another holocaust.

    Jews would not only be blamed, you would be guilty. Guilty "in heaven," not really guilty wrt the goyim because the goyim are themselves money sellers and the defacto cause of their own collapse of society. But it is not so simple either: had jews done their part, the goyim would have had a righteous example to follow, and none of the troubles would have had to occur. Problems which make goyim suffer tremendously as well. And so the goyim do have a reason to be angry with the jews.

    Today there is a big new source of guilt: the disastrous zionight state, that dares call itself "Israel" but is merely a goyim nation with a western legal system that will cause suffering.

    What should you do ? Obvious enought: quit your for-profit investment rebellions, return to the truth and justice. Nationalize your banks, put social/democratic control over all investements, and make sure you fund righteous businesses. Then you are becoming an example for the goyim, an example that HaShem may want to protect.

    Why don't jews use their brain: it is all in the Torah. It is so simple, why can't you see it, why don't you do it ? How can it be comprehended that you don't do what you need to ? You think the results won't come ? The ultimater result is the destruction of humanity, or (worst case) the setting up of a hell world on Earth.

    For profit investement will always eventually put bad people in power. What do they want ? To kill Torah law which outlaws their livelyhood, and kill the jews if that is what it takes. You've put your own murderers into power, and then you blame HaShem ? Had you only listened and done Torah, you would have been shielden, because who could have blamed you for anything ? Better: you example could have been copied in 1917 in Russia already, then spread around the world, and the 1st and 2nd world wars would never have taken place. In other words: jewisch rebellion against Torah opened up the path to those wars, and maybe more wars.

    If the klal only knew how powerful it is, when it clings to the Torah law ... Start today ! Rip out those pages of your Shulchan Aruch lie book.

    best regards,
    jos (www.jhwh.be)