31 May 2007


We Are All Waiting for Moshiach to Bring us Home to Eretz HaKodesh
(unless you’re Going Home sooner)
Even Rav Mordechai Eliyahu Shlit"a is getting impatient.

I must admit that the stimulus for this post is owed to
Nava of Dreaming
for her great post on the Mystical Shield of Moshiach
plus her recent prolific entries.

For some time I have been enamored by the story of the Abir Aluf.
Whenever one speaks about Moshiach, the Abir pops into my mind.
I’m not saying this as a prophecy, but only that several puzzle pieces come together in the Abir (Torah, strength, yerusha).

I submit the following, written so eloquently by Rabbi Lazer Brody,
where you can find more inspiration on his award-winning blog
full of emuna scroll down to read.

It is amazing to gaze at Mori Yehoshua Sofer shlit'a, the Abir Aluf, dressed in traditional *Habani-Yemenite-Jewish garb, a member of the Habani Jews, and to watch him perform the ancient traditions of his family that go back as far as the FIRST BEIT HAMIKDASH.

Torah, the Prophets, Gemorra, Jewish ethics, Zohar,
the Tosefos, and the Malbim. It is amazing how he
answers questions known by heart as if the volumes
are open in front of him.

The Abir tradition: this secret was preserved in the *Sofer family whose documented lineage goes back 100 generations

Abir, the traditional Israelite combat art that goes back to our forefather Abraham. The Aluf knows a variety of techniques, and the source of each technique in the Torah, i.e. Naftali tribal combat style, the combat style of the Tribe of Asher based on its tribal symbol the olive tree, combat style of the Tribe of Dan, and for each of the 12 tribes.

On his clothing he wears the The Starflower: an amazing vision that the Aluf had during Hitbodedut (meditation, personal prayer). Notice the motif, a resemblance of the Star of David that Rav Kaduri zt"l referenced in his descriptions of Moshiach's clothing. Visit here to learn more about the Abir and the

King David killed a lion and a bear at age three, as a lone shepherd in the wilderness. As Hashem's anointed, he was not only a monumental Torah scholar, but a fierce fighter that spent every available minute in personal prayer. People find it hard to believe when the Zohar says that Israel is the fiercest of the nations.

(A recent example of Israeli courage is found on Akiva's Mystical Paths, where you can read about the leopard
that was wrestled down by an Israeli,
after jumping thru an open window and onto his family
while they were all sleeping. Amazing!
Only an Israeli and an Israeli Leopard.)


*The Habanis of north Yemen preserved an unbroken chain of Abir since the destruction of the second Temple nearly 2000 years ago. Fiercely loyal to their faith, the Habani Jews never assimilated. Of all the Habani clans, the Sofer family was the most proficient and well known both in Torah scholarship - especially the esoteric - and in Abir warrior arts. Don't be surprised - Hebrew warrior arts go hand-in-hand with holiness and Kabbala; you can't be a true Abir warrior unless you keep yourself on a lofty plane of personal holiness and Torah scholarship.

Thank you Rabbi Brody Shlit"a for having such a wonderful friend as the Abir Aluf, and to our blogging community for keeping their EYES OPEN FOR SIGNS.

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