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06 March 2018

What is Going on Here??


I read the following at ISRAEL RISING and I am somewhat shocked. ISRAEL RISING does some very interesting and penetrating articles, but something is amiss here:

YEHUDA GLICK: “We are witnessing Biblical Prophecy being fulfilled!”  I had the opportunity today to sit with MK Rabbi Yehuda Glick in the Knesset for a discussion on his views of Redemption, Peace, and Jerusalem. Glick is perhaps the most recognized leader of the movement to allow freedom of worship on the Temple Mount. He is both determined and completely optimistic regarding Israel and global peace. [. . .] he is a peace advocate that supports a One State Solution that will give the Palestinian Arabs full human rights. His initiative Jerusalem of Peace, makes Jerusalem the key to world peace. [. . .] and 
a sign from G-D to help bring global redemption through freedom of worship on the Temple Mount [. . .]

* * *

This just doesn’t make sense to me. And it didn’t make sense to TomerDevorah when she wrote  "A House of Prayer for All Nations”

Jews should not be singing to “ALLAH” or singing in a Church, especially at an inter-faith gathering. Consider the following two videos:

I think we need some explanation about this video:

Yehudah Glick and Tommy Waller at Church


Anonymous said...

Har Sinai’s Boundaries and Its Relevance Today:

DS said...

I have warned about him for a while already. Don't mean to say something bad about another Jew, specially one who just recently lost his wife; but there is something very very fishy about his brand of Torah.

Anonymous said...

Why are you shocked? Yehudah Glick is obviously some kind of rogue 'religious' Jew. From the start when I read about him, I knew something isn't right (kosher). He is what reminds me of a 'real erev rav'!
Anyone who calls himself religious or rabbi and is into this 'global' love fest with the non-Jews and their avodah zorahs, you have to see the 'question mark' right away on their heads and ask if this is really a Jew? His outlook is a chilul HaShem!

My1ambition said...

First they ask for a finger (to Daven on Har Habayis - when we know it’s very problematic acccroding to Halacha) and then they ask for a hand (“peace”). Jerusalem is not and cannot be the key to peace as it has been the source of conflict for thousands of years. Damascus is they key to peace. Take Damascus and we will have peace forever. Then we will be able to see what it looks like when we REALLY have something that is theirs.