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13 March 2018

The Negev Intifada? Vehicles are being mutilated by Bedouins

The Negev Intifada? Vehicles are Being Mutilated by Bedouins

אינתיפאדה בנגב? כלי רכב נרגמים בידי בדואים
בשבועות האחרונים חלה עלייה ניכרת בדיווחים על אירועי זריקות האבנים של בדואים על רכבים בכבישי הדרום. ברהט נעצר בדואי שירה על שוטרים

מערכת הקול-היהודי כ"ו אדר תשע"ח - 08:00 13/03/2018

רכב שנפגע מאבנים. ארכיון

The phenomenon of stone throwing at vehicles and buses on the Negev and the South Road by Bedouin is not a new phenomenon, but it seems that in recent weeks there has been an increase in reports of such incidents.

On Sunday, police reported that there were various reports that Bedouin youths were throwing stones at a vehicle on Route 406, which leads to Be'er Sheva. The reports indicate that a group of youths are standing near the Goral intersection and the youths are stoning passing vehicles.

Source of Article in Ivrit: HaKolHaYehudi

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