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02 March 2018

Meir Ettinger in a song for Purim about Amalek's war and the life of doubt

This is a poem by Meir Ettinger, translated by Google. I cannot correct anything of his poem’s translation, as I cannot guess the wording Meir would use. You can refer to the Hebrew for accuracy.

"Amalek - In my door you do not even knock"
Meir Ettinger in a song for Purim about Amalek's war and the life of doubt
  • י"ד אדר תשע"ח - 10:47 01/03/2018

He wiped away the memory of Amalek:

Meir Ettinger

Blame the memory of Amalek!

Protested Tamah and left the doubt!

Masha - Temcha - Tishla - and burn

What your faith wants to appeal.

It would sound a bit inhuman or moral,

Maybe they'll say you're cruel:

But brother - please do not listen

Such apicors do not answer ...

Then they will say that you are not brave enough ...

And why should such a question reduce you?

But if you have enough hero -

You probably will not forget to remember,

What Amalek has already done to you,

And what he just tried.

And no matter what the costume would be this time-

This time it will not fall into the net.

And always remember and will not forget

The confessions he took from you.

It sounds not progressive and liberal,

But I will not forget what happened to me,

When I opened an opening with compassion,

And immediately, the whole of me swallowed.

And even if he knocks all night and cries,

He would stay outside and wait.

In self-pity mixed with crocodile tears

He will prepare the shocking articles.

He always sounded so poor

Sir Mr Death Oh, indeed.

But when she could destroy your sword,

So I will put my sword in your heart.

No! I have no mercy,

About a man of war and blood.

And I'll never forget

I gave a finger and every hand he took

Then every generation will pass from father to son,

That he will not be rude even when he looks miserable.

And thousands of storm winds

No one will be uprooted from the Torah

Even if you do thousands of articles

Even if you were beaten with painful blows

Or be wrapped in painted smiles

We already know the truth!

And we will not forget and we will not forgive -

We will open our eyes boldly,

And I always will

Put them aside and move.

I'm here for now

Sorry to provide my gate not open

And without getting confused - I'll put a stripe on him

When necessary - my heart is rough enough.

And I will not listen to the cries of mercy

Lucky I'm not that innocent anymore.

And knows how cruel he is,

And from a distance I am careful,

And even if you say I'm a coward,

Or violent and bloodthirsty -

I'm not impressed at all

Questions I do not ask.

Why does not the altar sound good,

We will do everything HaShem will write,

And we shall erase the memory of Amalek

There is no doubt about it.

For us the pool is boiling enough,

Our nation does not quickly forget.

So maybe you could knock Fur

But that was not the end of it

I will not kneel and I will not bow down

To the end, I hope

And even if all day I make fun of you

In the end it will be another holiday for me

And I already know clearly

That there is blessed and there is cursed

And all evil is broken and alienated

First goyim Amalek and the latter

And after two thousand years

The command will resonate in our ears

Do not forget and be tempted

Because he slept in costumes

So there will be no doubt

In my door you do not even knock.

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