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20 March 2018

Jared and the Prince – Prince Charming and Jewish Charm


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Where in Jewish History do we have such a comparison?
Who do these personas represent in history?


One year ago, two young princes began to forge a friendship at a lunch meeting in the White House's regal State Dining Room.

A snowstorm had kept away President Donald Trump's scheduled guest that day, German Chancellor Angela Merkel - giving the president and his advisers, including son-in-law Jared Kushner, more time to spend with the visiting son of Saudi King Salman.

Kushner and Prince Mohammed bin Salman, both in their 30s, had met before, but this would be their first formal sit-down since Trump's inauguration, and a bond developed between the two men, according to people familiar with their relationship who spoke on the condition of anonymity to speak candidly.

As their countries' chief negotiators on Israeli-Palestinian peace, Kushner and the Saudi prince were both seeking to prove their worth on the international stage. They consulted with one another frequently in private calls over the following months, according to people with knowledge of their communications. Kushner successfully pushed the president to make Saudi Arabia his first foreign visit last spring, against objections from other senior administration officials, and then personally visited Mohammed again last fall in Riyadh, the Saudi capital.

Kushner is now set to play a major role hosting the crown prince as he arrives in Washington Monday to kick off a tour of United States. In addition to official meetings, he is scheduled to attend several dinners with Mohammed, along with other U.S. and Saudi officials.

In courting the Saudi prince, Kushner has displayed an unorthodox approach to diplomacy that has unsettled national security and intelligence officials - relying on personal relationships instead of standard government channels to tackle complex problems, according to multiple people with knowledge of Kushner's role.

"The lack of leaks from or about Mr. Kushner's work - whether as part of the Middle East team, Mexico relations or prison reform - is a testament to the fact that he cares about results and not publicity and that he understands how to keep and share information with those in the Administration who should have it,”

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