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01 March 2018

Geulah B’Rachamim – Cognitive Dissonance

GEULAH B’RACHAMIM – Cognitive Dissonance

Cognitive Dissonance can be a killer. It makes people apathetic about things in life they ought to take more seriously. It’s an attitude that prevents people from grasping the true gravity of a situation, causing them to under-act, and that CAN be and HAS beenVERY dangerous.

A merciful redemption is one of those issues. For example, when I turned to people about a Chasson and Kallah who have very little with which to start off their new life together, the response was VERY gratifying, b”H. Within 24 hours, I had surpassed my goal for them, b”H, and I TRULY thank all those who gave.

But a merciful redemption? A handful people responded at all to the first letter, and I thank them VERY much for doing so. Everyone else went back into hiding, or so it seems.
I get it. People are real. Weddings are real. They HAVE to get married, and they HAVE to pay bills. So, we HAVE to help them out if can, and generously. A deadly illness is a here-and-now crisis. Who wants to be responsible for THAT?

But a program to soften the blow of the Final Redemption? Who even says it’s coming? Who says that the Jewish people are even in danger again? Who says that this is even the program to give to? Who says it will even make a difference if we do? There are so many more important and immediate causes out there. A redemption-awareness program just does not seem like one of them.

I will be trying to answer questions like those in the coming weeks, b”H. True, not everyone is meant to be part of the Final Redemption. It is a merit. According to the GR”A, a HUGE merit. Personally, I’m just trying to heed the Talmud’s advice about the wise person: the person who sees what is being born (Tamid 32a). I SEE what is being born, and I just want to help others to see it to, while there is still time. Your choice to help or not.
It’s either Churchill or Chamberlain.

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Pinchas Winston
In favor of a merciful redemption

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