02 May 2016

"v'nehaphoch hu" – The Nibiru System in More Detail – Part One

In light of the latest communications from  Moishele and also here about the Nibiru phenomenon, here are two videos that discuss amazing NEW INFORMATION that corroborates what the Autistics have alerted us to.

As believing Jews acknowledge that HaShem is Ruler and Master of ALL of the World and Universe, we need to understand the following as a manifestation of HIS Glory. Humans do not always really understand what they are witnessing, and only in hindsight is there an inkling. 

We have read what Rabbi Sternbuch Shlit"a said.
“In the End of Days, those who fear God will despair and their hands will loosen from fighting God’s war against the sinners, and there will be no one to rely upon except God,” he said, adding, “We have to bring the Messiah.”
And what Rabbi Pinchas Winston Shlit"a wrote:
 "[...] some prohibitions undermine Creation so severely, that the world cannot continue to function if they are perpetrated. Even if the transgressors do not know better, the world cannot bear the burden of such anti-Torah behavior. This forces Creation to have to “reboot” as it did in the time of the Flood, and on a smaller scale in Sdom."
It seems this has been occurring for many years, so it is with the above in mind that we should watch the following:

Steve Olson of WSO SkyWatch brings his viewers an interview with Samuel Hofman, a Scientist who came up with a different theory about "Nibiru" and was discouraged and expunged by his fellow scientists, and thereafter became a whistleblower because they were holding back vital information about what was transpiring in the universe.  His theory is in essence "v'nehaphochhu" on the information being slowly and manipulatively leaked to the people. Also are amazing shots of the entire "Nibiru System" seemingly a universe within a universe (my description). Again, any non-Jewish religious references are not the purpose of this blog, and the information presented is for informational purposes in conjunction with the Autistics' revelations only. DO NOT LISTEN TO END OF VIDEO.

Steve Olson SkyWatch on May 1 – Interview with Samuel Hofman

The Nibiru System according to Samuel Hofman

Three of the planets in the Nibiru System

Also, HaRoeh Nir ben Artzi has also given a 'vital warning' separate from his weekly discussions posted on the AbsoluteTruth blog. 
"Jews of the Diaspora, G-d is speaking to you for the umpteenth time: There was exile; [G-d] expelled you after the destruction of the Beit Hamikdash (Holy Temple), and now The Holy One Blessed Be He is asking you to return, to the Geulah (Final Redemption), to return to The State of Israel urgently! 'Do not say that I did not warn [you].' " Harav Nir Ben Artzi
A Friend of Steve Olson of SkyWatch fame, Henning Kemner, tells his viewers about a meeting he attended wherein they briefed him about FEMA preparations on a MAJOR (never before experienced) SCALE for events likely to occur.  DO NOT listen to the very end of the video as these usually contain messages geared to the non-Jewish viewers, which is not the purpose of this blog.

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