05 May 2016

Turbulence From Nibiru System Planets Disrupts Flight to Indonesia

Quite an electromagnetic display.

A little online thinking here. Beside the many erupting volcanos, gigantic openings in the earth's surface, off kilter compass readings compared to the earth's tilt, floods, tornados, mudslides from undersea sliding tectonic plates (as seen on the coast of Northern California), earth wobbling, multiple orb-planet-like objects seen around the sun, and the latest estimation of HUGE planets in our hemisphere vaguely seen but not recognized, all of this pulling on the gravitational field of earth. It was estimated that those things that this generation depends upon, i.e.,computers, GMS calculations, compasses, digital devices, electronics, and scientific equipment are bound to be affected by the HUGE orbs (interfering with our gravitational pull) nearing us.

With reference to off-kilter compass readings, please review the first 7.18 minutes of this video (stop viewing at 17.8-9 as he goes into his religion, not ours):

An airplane in our atmosphere could experience turbulence and cockpit malfunction from the disruption of the magnetosphere and pulling of the Nibiru Planet System.

So it is within reason that the following was affected by the above:

Severe turbulence on an Etihad Airways flight to Indonesia 
left 31 passengers injured on Wednesday.

The A330-200 Airbus landed safely at the airport in Jakarta, where nine passengers were taken to hospital. 22 others have been released from the airport clinic after being treated by paramedics for minor injuries. Cabin storage areas were also damaged as a result of the turbulence.

The pictures speak louder than its description.

I'm not saying that this is an actual cause and effect; however, when one considers the body of information available, it IS WITHIN REASON. What other manifestations we might encounter is yet to be seen.

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