26 May 2016

Sun Tilting – Earth Tilting: What is Moving Around in Our Atmosphere?

Below are various screen shots from Videos on WSO actualizing facts in our atmosphere. The more we capture via the 'Backyard Astronomical Experts'  the more we will understand the Wonders of HaShem and the Kochav Yaakov from our Torah Sources. With this "object" "star" "Nibiru System" in our solar system, the videos are getting more interesting on a daily basis.

One very interesting site is WSO Steve Olson and his youtube channel.

Et tu Brute? (With Brute being the Sun) The sun is tilting in the sky, or our Earth facing satellites are about 40% off course. We prove this by photographing the sun and noting the lone sun spot, then compare this to the earth facing disc satellite view...the sun tilts. Steve says in one of the videos that there are Military Helicopters flying over his home, which is a good size farm in a deserted area of Wisconsin.  He jokes that "they" are spying on him. Steve Olson is an ernest fellow with a great amount of curiosity which is to our advantage.

In this video, is discussed how (earth) is being pulled 90 degrees to the side, and PROVES IT by showing the object that is doing the pulling.

Magnetic projection on the camera of the green triangle within which contains 3 to 5 planets larger than Jupiter!

What this next picture reflects is Our Sun on the right side (West), and a Blue Star with a Black Moon (to the left of Blue Star) on the left side (North East)

Video: Now the Sun Tilts and More

Now we have pictures of the Moon Tilt

Proof of Moon Tilt and the Sun Shield

Here is the Sun Shield and a Beam of Light directed into the Sun
What is that Beam, Where is it coming from, What is shielding the sun?

Further readings:

Shirat Devorah, "דרך כוכב מיעקב אל תירא עבדי יעקב"
and the Motzei Shabbat Zemira "Al Tira Avdi Yaakov". Very interesting wording, alluding to the appearance of Kochav Yaakov.
The Influence of the Magnetic Field
The Absolute Truth
WSO Steve Olson

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