10 May 2016

Global Volcanic Warnings

Scientists warn America's deadliest volcano is 'RECHARGING' for eruption amid quake swarm
(I think every country has a threatening volcano poised for eruption)

Mount St Helen's, in the north-western state of Washington, was responsible for America's deadliest eruption in 1980 when 57 people lost their lives and hundreds of homes were destroyed.
"As the magma intrudes, it imparts pressure on the rock around it and it heats up water/releases gases that can add to that pressure. This generates small earthquakes as the rocks shift in response to that stress.
"It does mean that even as St. Helens sleeps, the magma that will likely take part in the next eruption is working its way up towards the surface, likely stopping along the way to crystallize and interact with the residue of previous eruptions.
"It might take a big recharge event to really get the system primed for the next eruption." 
In a post on its website the USGS said the series of small quakes showed "the volcano is still very much alive", adding that its magma chamber is "re-pressurising"

YELLOWSTONE NATIONAL PARK –  extra activity comes amid growing fears about the huge super volcano under Yellowstone national park, some 870 miles to the east in Wyoming. 
The massive volcano last erupted 70,000 years ago but a recent unexpected spike in seismic activity around the globe, which has resulted in devastating earthquakes in Asia and Ecuador in the last month, has unsettled nerves.
A fortnight ago terrifying new footage emerged showing steam and ash rising beneath the surface of the 2,805m tall volcano, fuelling fresh concern it could be about to blow.
Scientists have predicted that if the mammoth volcano blows its top the eruption will be so large it will have huge global consequences, possibly even threatening the future survival of mankind.

Source: UK Express (no link appropriate)

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