21 February 2016

Parshas Tetzaveh – We can still appreciate the Wisdom

Especially at 100 min on about the Yetzer Horah and Torah
(Sorry I missed this last week but its very good)

"You saw what I did to Egypt"
Bava Basra p. 16
Iyov said:
You made hooves that are split
Heaven and Hell
You created Righteous and Wicked
What can we do against You
This is Your Decree
What did Iyov mean?

Torah (is spiritual): When you learn Gemara, Chumash, Zohar; if you want to change,
The Torah is the antibiotic to the Yetzer

Rav Schwadron

Yirmiyahu 23 My word is like Fire

Isaiah 55 
Iyov: Water can Dissolve a Stone

Tanna 22 D"ve Eliyahu
Learn Torah with Devotion, Effort, Sacrifice and you can control your evil inclination

The Tribe of Binyamin's Yeshfe stone fell from the choshen, they came to Dama benNatima can replace it for 4 coins of gold
I cannot sell it to you, they kept raising the price 10, 20, 50, but he could not sell it, 
They returned again and finally he sold it for 4 ....... 
What happened here? Why for 4 coins he could not sell, they raised the price and no sell, then at the end he did sell it for 4 coins.

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