22 February 2016

UPDATE – Eisenkof: "We Don't Operate on the Basis of [Jewish law] " What then, Hellenism?

Terrorist flees after soldier fired into the air. 
A Terrorist is loose; after "must not empty magazine" fiasco
The incident comes as the topic of open-fire procedures are being closely examined, after IDF Chief of Staff Gadi Eizenkot last Wednesday defended the strict protocols saying soldiers must not "empty magazines" 

An Arab terrorist was thwarted in an attempted stabbing attack on Monday afternoon, but since fleeing the scene remains at large, raising questions about the IDF opening fire protocols

Eizenkot's statements stirred an outcry, although Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and Jewish Home chairperson Naftali Bennett came to his defense. A poll Sunday found the majority of Israeli Jews oppose Eizenkot's words. TERRORIST ON THE RUN


This issue of the Israeli IDF Chief of Staff Lt. Gen. Gadi Eisenkof is rippling and ruffling people throughout Israel.

Eisenkot said. “We don’t operate on the basis of [Jewish] adages like, ‘If someone comes to kill you, rise up and kill him first.’  *Ruthie Blum, Right From Wrong, JPost Paper edition, Monday, February 22, 2016.

And what was in the paper edition, but not online:

"Nor is this the first time Eisenkof has revealed his true political colors – the ones that have earned him respect in the pages of Haaretz and on the benches of left-wing Knesset parties. Not only has he come out against measures, such as closures, curfews and demolitions of terrorists' family homes, he has even paid respect to the far-left NGO Breaking the Silence – a group of former IDF soldiers and officers who go around the world accusing comrades of war crimes – by saying at a conference in Herzliya earlier this month that all of its claims are being taken seriously and investigated. [...] Eisenkot: “I said the terrorism wave began due to three reasons: The change in the status quo at the Temple Mount, the decline in the stature of Arab leadership and a harsh economic reality [of the Palestinians].” Ruthie Blum discounts these allegations as lies. She wrote, "Eisenkot gave their fabricated gripe a stamp of legitimacy."[...] "Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon defended him" [me – 2 peas in a pod: like minds stick together].

[Why has the Jerusalem Post English paper edition sought to expose injustice, but when posting online they remove 'sensitive' portions of their columnists choice thoughts and words? Could it be that the English paper ed. goes to a very small niche, but the online version is scrutinized by the Left?]

HaKolHaYehudi:  Chanukah Lingers, Leaves Fingerprints at Duma and Temple Mount! .

"Chanukah ended almost two months ago. Yet, the oily residue–and powdered sugar–remain imprinted upon the Nation. And no matter how rancid the political echelon in their self-anointed roles as G ds and Kings, the sugary sweetness remains the youth and innocence who defy–with joy and indomitable will ... [T]oday, a remarkable shift has been taking place over the past 300 years and rapidly advancing over the past several decades. In utter despondency to shed the yoke of ‘victim’, to shed the yoke of survivor, and warrior, and leader, to shed the yoke of colonizer, to shed the yoke of a “chosen people”, to shed the yoke of an oozing, festering illiteracy of their own history, and a misguided and distorted notion of ‘tikkun olam, the direct descendants of those Hellenists then, are strong today. They are my Jewish neighbors." They surge. Around the world. Inside Israel.


"So wrote Caroline: "The former master spy, whom I had never met before, knew that I am a journalist. He was aware of my political views. Directing his remarks at a friend of mine, he declared that 99 percent of Mossad and Shin Bet officers are leftists. He then added triumphantly that according to a former commander of the air force whose name he cited, 99% of the air force’s pilots are similarly leftists." The Talmud: When Someone Comes to Kill you – Kill Him First


Interview: Duma suspect speaks from prison about torture. "Amiram Ben-Uliel, main suspect in Duma murders, describes torture he allegedly endured at Shin Bet's hands"

"I didn't sleep for several nights... and then they took me to the preliminary sentencing. After returning from the hearing, they again took me for questioning. They interrogated me about that night and told me, 'Let's say that tomorrow at this time, this will be an emergency room,'" [...]

"They yelled at me a lot, screamed at me until all of my clothes were covered in spit. They threatened me a lot and told me that they can do whatever they want to me because I'm alone. They told me that I'm stuck... they cuffed my arms tight behind my back." [...]

"They sat me down on a chair with my shoulder towards the backrest and tied to the floor. They forced my legs behind the chair's legs. Just sitting in that position was impossible and after a minute, at most, I simply fell backwards," [...]

"They continued torturing me. All throughout the questioning, all under threat, all with beatings. They made me do all sorts of exercises. They stood me up with long cuffs behind my back, always with my legs shackled. They put me in a position that I was bent over." [...]

"It is time to establish an investigatory committee to look into the torture and who gave permission to use torture. The violence against Ben-Uliel is continuing and, in effect, all of those arrested in this case, including those who have not been directly charged with what happened in Duma, continue to undergo violence from the Prison Service and the ISA. They are located in separate wings, isolated from the world, and are not even allowed to speak on the phone."

"Amiram Ben-Uliel has joined a long list of Jews throughout history who, under torture, admitted to the blood libels attributed to them. I only hope that the Israeli court will be more suspicious of confessions that were obtained through torture than European courts were during the Middle Ages." [me – Think 1492 The Expulsion from Spain and Torquemada.]

*(Ruthie is also the web editor of the Algemeiner, know for its excellent and careful news coverage.)

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