29 February 2016

Earth (axis) Before the Flood of Noah and Possible Description of (Nibiru) Approaching Planet

Below is a very interesting article in light of the current fascination with a Star/Dwarf Planet/Nirbiru. Blog sources discussing this are:

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It has been said that this event could be the "Kochav Yaakov" or "Moshiach's Star" as mentioned in the Zohar.

So far we have not heard from our major Gedolim about how we are to understand what this is. So until then all is speculation. We shall await hearing from our Great Rabbanim on this matter.

Whatever this is, we know that Hashem is the Ruler of the Universe. All that happens is under HIS watchful EYE (so to say).

In the meantime, I found this narrative which discusses the Pre-Flood (Mei Noah) Era. In doing so it discusses a (small) Comet that comes near to a (big) planet and what transpires thereon. Therefore, the curious minded will find it extremely interesting. Should you read something that you find inaccurate or anti-, please say so in the comments section.

After the Flood: The world would now have seasons, with long unproductive winters. Man was also destined to spread out further – to colder areas of the globe. As a result, he would require meat to survive (Malbim, R. Hirsch). Man’s shorter lifespan may have also indicated that his life would be more hectic and he would require more nourishment (R. Hirsch). (AishHatorah)


The pre-flood earth.

God created a perfect world. It was designed to provide a climate that would encourage the reproduction of plant and animal life, one pair of animals of each species, male and female, one prototype of each specimen of vegetation. All these were to multiply and fill the earth, that rotated upright on its axis and there were no seasons.

The earth as we know it today, will not in any one place support every kind of flora and fauna. The climate varies so that it would either be unfavorable to the needs of a life form or not provide the vegetation or food source necessary.

We learn from the Scripture that the earth was much different in the beginning. We know it did not rain for 1500 years and that a mist watered the whole face of the ground to provide moisture. Gen 2:5-6 The Genesis writer tells us that in the beginning the earth was a huge ball of water and that on the second day a firmament (atmosphere) was created to separate the waters above and the waters below. There is no question that such a vapor blanket of great extent could be supported by the lower atmosphere. Water vapor weighs only .622 times as much as dry air. This is why steam rises from a teakettle.

This describes a condition much like our rain forests today. These only occur in regions near the equator. There is a very dense canopy formed by the crowns of trees reaching to a height of 130 feet. The sun is almost completely blocked out, keeping the temperature constant at 77 to 86 degrees. The variety of plant life is astonishing. In an average forest there are about 12 species of trees and in a tropical rain forest there may be over 400. The other life forms enjoy maximum varieties. You could find 300 species of humming birds and maybe 70 types of orchids.

At the time of creation, 6000 years ago, the entire earth had this greenhouse effect. It is no wonder that this atmospheric condition spread the original created parents of each representation of nature so quickly. Everything existed everywhere on this planet under this dense cloud cover. There were no highs or lows, no cold or warm fronts and no storms. Adam and Eve had no use for the clothing they did not wear. All the animals were there for Adam to name and all were there at the time Noah summoned them into the Ark. Incidentally without sunlight peaking through, it explains why the rainbow could not have been seen until Noah's day. This healthy climate without the radiation from the sun and the vegetarian diet contributed to the longevity of man.

Several scientists, as early as William Whiston, an assistant and predecessor to sir Isaac Newton, who published, "A New Theory of the Earth" (1693) and John C Whitcomb, Jr and Henry M Morris, authors of "The Genesis Flood" were convinced of the reality of the Biblical account. Using mathematical and logical framework, combining the knowledge of natural laws and clear structures of the known history of our planet, looked at the "cause and effect" evidence to explain the universal flood.

So what does the planet tell us?

There is evidence of global uniformity, that is, plant and animal life where it could not have survived today.

In Siberia and Northern Canada, mammoths have been found, deep-frozen at –150 degrees. Green vegetation was still in their stomachs. The flesh so well preserved that the dogs ate it.

There is evidence that deserts, now barren wastes were formally fertile, well watered lands, covered by large lakes, not only the Sahara and Arabian but also at least 4 others.

Geographic evidence reveals that at sometime in the history of this planet, something happened that was so catastrophic, so universally damaging that it forever changed the physical conditions on this earth.

In our Solar System there are nine planets orbiting the sun. In Bible language, nine is an incomplete number. So let us assume for the moment that there were 10 planets at the time of creation. One of them had a wobbly course through space. This is not unusual as Pluto has such an unstable path, sometimes taking it within the orbit of Neptune. Therefore, the Creator who knows all things even before the formation of the worlds foresaw the conditions of this planet earth and at the precise time, this planet would become the key that triggered the devastating events to come.

No one could see it coming because of the dense atmosphere. We watched Hale-Bopp comet for weeks as it neared and passed near by in 1997.

The nearing planet would cause tremendous gravitational magnetic pull, creating destruction of unequal proportions.

The earth would shift from it perfect upright rotation on its axis to a 7 degree slant. This would be perfect to create the seasons, as we know them to be now, no more, no less.

It would cause the canopy of water in the upper atmosphere to dissipate. If you are familiar with the continental shelf you know that at one time the oceans were 450 feet lower than they are now. This is globular evidence. So where did all that extra water originate? "The waters that were above."

The magnetic attraction of 2 heavenly bodies is explained by a scientist whose theory bears his name, "Roche's limit." When the paths of 2 objects in space near each other, known results occur. The smaller will eventually break apart into pieces but not before causing great damage to the larger one. As they near, the gravitational pull of the larger one will capture the smaller causing it to orbit in a sling shot effect.

The smaller one begins to break up sending showers of debris toward the other and causing universal damage of untold proportions. We see where mountain ranges where none existed before pulled up from a surface buckling under the stress. There is much evidence of this. The Matter horn, famous mountain peak in the Swiss Alps, has strata that are in the ascending order, that is, it is upside down and studies show that its match confirms its origin to have come from Africa! This is not the only example of unexplained strata.

There is the Great Rift Valley from the Sea of Galilee to Africa. It bulges 27 miles out.

There are cracks in the earth's surface which we call faults where the rocky crust of the planet has split and is shifting. The San Andreas, in California and the New Madrid here in Southern Missouri are two familiar ones.

The breakup of the smaller planet created much debris, much of it being drawn to the earth by gravitational pull. Some chunks were huge. There are numerous meteor creators known. One most familiar is in Arizona. Scientists estimate that 300,000 tons blasted the pit, which is 4,000 feet across and 600 feet deep. This would equal a 20-megaton bomb and would have sprayed rocks for miles around. About 30 tons of fragments have been removed from the area. Some 20 other meteor craters are in evidence. This kind of thing is not happening now. Of course the atmosphere protected the earth from the smaller ones but the moon was not so fortunate. Meteors of any size today are very rare but sometime in the history of our solar system, a great many came this way.

This gravitational pull also brought to the surface of the earth the underground rivers, some larger than the Amazon or Nile. Gen 7:11 "In the 600th year of Noah's life, in the 2nd month and the 17th day, the same day were the fountains of the great deep broken up and the windows of the heavens were opened." This describes the waters from below and the waters from above. Verse 12 of that chapter reads, "And the rain was upon the earth 40 days and 40 nights." That word ‘rain' means violent rain and is used nowhere else. There was more than enough water to cover the face of the earth and then return to its own sea level and to the underground passages.

As the waters came down and the earth shifted on its axis, a great variation in temperature occurred, so that the water at the north and south froze at the sub-zero poles. This is very interesting for Antarctica is 98% ice and 2% barren rock. The average thickness of the ice sheet is 7,200 feet. This amounts to 90% of all the ice and 70% of the fresh water in the world. The poles are dryer than the Sahara Desert. There is never precipitation. So where did all that water come from? In the days of the flood when the upper atmosphere emptied the water canopy upon the face of the earth and then froze.

There is a very popular theory explaining the disappearance of the dinosaurs. It is called the 'Comet Theory.' They see chemical evidence in fossil layers that some extra terrestrial event caused the end of the dinosaur era. Estimates of a time for this occurrence varies from 10, 000 years to 65 million depending on whose article you read. No one ventures an explanation as to how and why this happened.

The fossil records are fascinating. Fossils are created when living things, plant or animal are subjected to a violent death and immediate burial necessary for the preservation. The huge fossil beds under study at the present time are very old. No new ones are being formed today. Therefore you can be fairly certain that the examples you see in science museums were creatures that died in Noah's flood. Though this is not strictly valid, you can be sure no modern parallels can be cited of great fossil graveyards such as those in existence today. Unusual transportation, rapid burial and tens of thousands of all kinds of living and extinct animal life together, form the sites under excavation. This in itself tells of a monumental disaster of untold proportions. Among those well known are Agate Springs, Nebraska, the Black Hills, the Rockies, Gobi Desert, Scotland and central Germany, for a few.

Noah and his family along with the animals to be preserved were in the Ark for a year and 17 days. It would not have been a peaceful ride. For the catastrophic events that took place for the 40 days it rained, I would imagine that they secured themselves into their place and did not move. But for the grace of God they would not have survived.

Afterwards, they saw the sun, the moon and the stars for the first time. Also the rainbow, which God gave them for a sign. There was no longer any restriction on the eating of meat. This would allow life to endure in the now colder climates that did not produce vegetation.

Now if there was a tenth planet, and if it did play the big part in this whole scheme of things, then there must be evidence of it somewhere. Just beyond the orbit of Mars is a belt of asteroids that make their path around the sun. Scientists say it is the remains of a small planet that at sometime suffered severe trauma that caused its demise. Hmmm!

And so that is the story! True science is defined as evidence arranged in order. Theories are just speculation without the facts to back them up. The Bible has no argument with true science. Only the theories conflict with it. It is comforting to see that there are honest men who search for the facts and have no reluctance to admitting to a superior Creator and His part in this great universe.


Goldie ZP said...

Neshama thank you for pulling all of these sources into your post. I can only gkance through it right now . However I wish to read it more thoroughly. I was thinking over Shabbos about this very thought.

Anonymous said...

Fascinating! I just dusted off my old copy of Velikovsky's "Worlds In Collision" not even two weeks ago and have just started reading it. You have just about summed it up, if I am remembering correctly. - Houston

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Extremely interesting and fascinating. Learned alot. Thank you just for your research alone and how informative this post is.

Derrek Ruiters said...

WOW this was one of my best reads this entire year. Any true Bible believer will discern the truth in this article. It dove tails perfectly with scripture....as shown! And thats the blueprint for planet earth, humanity and the universe. But the truth IS NOT FOR EVERYONE. Well done.