30 December 2014

Words of Wisdom for the Elections

Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi has words of wisdom for Israelis in the upcoming election.

  • "The people need to vote for a party that is against assimilation.
  • Choose a party that is against drugs and alcohol.
  • Choose a party that will not give one centimeter to the Arabs.
  • Choose a party that cares about the citizens of the state.
  • Choose a party that will bring immigrants to the holy land of Israel."

However, how does one know which party is representing who they are in all honestly. Platforms, before elections, are created to appeal to what they believe the people want, but after elections . . . that is a different animal.

[emphasis my own]

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in the vanguard said...

Ben Ari - if he fights like the son of a lion - is my candidate.