24 December 2014

Vayigash 30 Kislev 5775

Vayigash 30 Kislev 5775

"Abbas, Hamas and Islamic Jihad, are great liars and conspirators. Anyone who would give portions of the Land of Israel will be in mortal danger – a danger to his life. This is not what happened in Gush Katif and Hevel Yamit; this time the payments are not delayed will be paid immediately. Anyone who cares should be careful, and not say he was not warned by heaven. The land of Israel has belonged to the Jews for thousands of years; the Creator is not ready to give up any piece of the land of Israel. HE warns you and warns you that this land belongs to the Holy One, blessed be He, and the State of Israel!"

"Every Jew who wants to be a Jew and be successful in his undertakings will follow the Torah."

and that means to keep and remember the Shabbat!

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