Thursday, June 20, 2013

Someone Speaking Emes ... And We Should Listen!

Some very interesting recommendations from Rabbi Nir ben Artzi:

"All the Jews in the Land of Israel need, from time to time, to "bench gomel" according to the halachah. The Creator of the World wants a response from the Jews in Israel for His being a shield and guard over the Land of Israel like the sky, and He wants His sons, the Jews, to thank Him in prayer and reading of Psalms for the good that the Creator of the World does, for the great miracles and protection for the Jews in the Land of Israel."

"Male and female soldiers, respect the IDF uniform and don't degrade the uniforms or yourselves. To the Creator of the World, you are the holy of holies as wrapped in talit and tefillin.  IDF soldiers, who protect the holy soil and the Jews who are able to pray, to learn Torah and to live in dignity, they're the holy of holies!"

"The government of Israel that was chosen by the people should sit down and discuss the future of the People of Israel and not unimportant things contrary to the Jewish tradition. There's no time to play, government of Israel, you need to be serious and not waste time!  You should be ready and prepared on the borders ... You need to prepare the State of Israel for the hundreds of thousands of Jews who will make aliyah to the Land"

"The Creator of the world asks that you not be occupied with insignificant things and stop harassing Torah learners.  Those who really learn  - should learn, whoever does not want to should enlist in the IDF or national service.  Don't harm the learners of Torah who give life and protection to Israel and the world.  For the religious in Israel and outside the Land of Israel, it is forbidden, forbidden to make demonstrations. It is forbidden for a religious Jew, keeping tradition, to use demonstrations and violence. You need to go into the synagogues or any other place, in prayer and the recitation of Psalms to the Creator of the World that He will cancel these evil decrees. Demonstrations and fights are idols of the Gentiles, not Jews. Not all the religious are wrong and not all the secular are wrong, God forbid.  In every thing there is a little disturbance that doesn't include everyone."

Emphasis is mine.


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