16 December 2012

"Handwriting on the Wall" in the News

Dramatic Rise in AntiSemitism
Simon Wiesenthal Center Special Report

Denmark is dangerous for Jews:
"It's like Gaza" here".

Hungary is dangerous for Jews:
Burning Israeli Flag

Sweden is dangerous for Jews.
Stoning of Jewish Boy “Heil Hitler” and European Press.

France is dangerous for Jews.
  Villeurbanne: "Hotspot for Anti-Jewish" aggression.

Jordan is dangerous for Jews:
Jordan Defines Dress Code for Israelis

Meanwhile, closer to home, signs of ‘unity’ appearing:

Signs of Unity coming from Hebron. Our friendly neighbors, desirous of creating a state contiguous with Israel, bordering most of Israel, only a few kilometers’ distance “as the crow (rockets) flies” and promising to pursue a Third Intifada, they call themselves “the National Unity Brigades”:

 "We announce that our brigades include supporters of al-Yasin (Hamas leader Sheikh Ahmad Yasin), al-Yasser (Fatah leader Yasser Arafat), al-Shiqaqi (Islamic Jihad leader Fathi al-Shiqaqi), and (PFLP leader) Abu Ali Mustafa," Link here to Video

Meanwhile in America, Jews continue to struggle to get back on their feet after being targeted by a Frankenstorm called Sandy. See communities torn to pieces and devastated Seagate and Long Beach Restoration.

Many people trying to stay alive; families trying to support each other. The storm cluster called SANDY is not to be the first or last such occurrence.

The Anti-Semites are pursuing Jews worldwide and the "forces of nature" are pursuing nations, and our hearts should be humbled and worrisome.

Rabbis and others ARE speaking out and Jews should take these words to heart.
Read Their Lips ,
Rabbi Nir ben Artzi,
Rav Moshe Shapiro,
Red Alert to Klal Yisroel in the name of HaRav Moshe Sternbuch Shlit"a, Interesting analysis of the UN Vote (and Moshiach)
The American Babylonia by Rabbi Wein

And as one blogger commented:

"When you consider that most of the Jews in the world, outside of Israel, are in America and Europe and the fact that Hashem is sending very definite messages to those Jews, (Sandy, Jew hatred, economic and political problems, etc), there is a natural emphasis on helping the Jews of that area. So far as why aren't the Jews all in Israel, there are two explanations. Most of the Jews are like the 80% of the Israelites in Egypt who did not want to follow Moses into the desert and perished in the plague of darkness. They believe that they are happier where they are even though they have no idea how far superior it is to be in Israel (this Geula will be different since they will all want to come later when things get so bad). The second reason is many want to come but don't have the resources to pick up and leave. Right now, Nefesh B'Nefesh has tens of thousands of Jews making application and they are greatly short of funds to help. If you have about 50 million extra dollars you don't need, give them a call. Let me also tell you a very interesting fact. This Geula, the ten lost tribes will be returning -- meaning that a very large population who say that they are non-Jews, like yourself, may find that your interest in all this is because you are of the lost nation of Israel and will be joining us here soon...."


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