Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Along Came the Satan ...

This was an amazing CNN video I came across, that I am sharing with you. The underlying message was truly one of purity, simplicity, innocence, caring, loving, and grace:

 This is how we like to think about children. But this has again brought to mind a possible connection between Sandy and Sandy Hook. The gematria of Sandy is the same for the Satan (Beware of Sandy), which is the Malach HaMavis (DoubleTake). However there were hardly any lives lost from Sandy, only devastation to the way of life in communities where many Jews lived in the NY metropolitan area.

 What also comes to mind is that the devastation (Sandy) was a warning, a warning to take a Cheshbon HaNefesh (an accounting of one's life). Shortly thereafter another devastation occurred, involving children (Sandy Hook). The above video protrays children brought up in a good environment, in a caring community, with caring warm teachers, parents and officials; creating children that could be as caring and loving as Grace.

In another time zone, we have read about children being abused in their very tender years, harboring emotional devastation for many years, very often not discussing this with anyone. However, in the last few years there has been a slow painful breaking down of the walls of silence and terrible experiences are being made public.

Years of evil growing behind sealed lips and secrecy, a devastation that eats away at the way of life in communities, families, relationships, religion, and neshomas once loving and full of hope.

Yes a Cheshbon HaNefesh needs to be done, now that Sandy brought devastation to many a doorstep. Our children need protection. How odd to write this. The one time of life that should be the happiest while developing and learning pure values to carry one into adulthood, turns into emotional devastation and destruction of pure neshomas.

What will the future be if this continues. Remember that "our children" are our guarantors for the acceptance of the Torah at Har Sinai.

  "The Midrash relates that before G-d gave the Torah to the Jewish people, he requested guarantors who would ensure that the people would indeed study Torah and fulfill the mitzvot.   

Why did G-d demand guarantors before giving the Torah? Weren’t the Jewish people the Chosen Nation? 

Yet G-d knew that a time would come when the people would become preoccupied with work, with worldly cares and burdens.  For various reasons the Jewish people would eventually lose their sense of the importance of Torah and the preciousness of mitzvot. In that state, G-d forbid, it is possible that the Torah would be abandoned.   

Therefore G-d asked the people for guarantors. He wanted to be assured that His precious gift, the Torah, would be treated with the respect and dignity it deserved, and would never be forsaken." (Our Children, Our Guarantors)

And now along came the Satan.  Additional reading: Translation of a Letter

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