25 July 2011

The World is Sitting on a Precipice

Finally someone can stand up to Barack Hussein Obama and tell him that "Congress makes the laws, and the President has to work within them!" [a little Scorpion stings a narcisstic lion]

Politico has minute by minute coverage of the teetering Obama Presidency.

Meanwhile ...

To what purpose the slaughter in Oslo, Norway? [maybe to signal that the Oslow accords are dead?]

In Texas and Seattle, outbreaks of violence happening in Chicago, New York, Florida, Philly, attest to the "Savageism" that Liberalism is a Mental Disorder.


Because the Liberal policies implanted in the American way of life, is unraveling all that is decent, honest and moral. These were the principles by which America was founded by their "Founding Fathers".

Much like our Avos led the way for creating a people and Nation based on Jewish moral principles given to us by our Father in Shomayim. The G-d of the universe knows what is good for His children, and hence the entire world.

When Nations veer away from the moral priciples (7 mitzvos of Bnei Noach) that founded civilization, the peoples of the world descend into chaos and moral depravity. We are seeing this happen with our own eyes.

The American Thinker calls it "Chicken Liberals."

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