17 January 2011

Yehezkel and Tunisia

and Netanyahu . . .

Tunisia has burst onto the news portals of the world. Another pivotal turn in the roadmap of the coming Geulah.

The participants in Yehezkel chapters 38 and 39, and also the names from today's news:

  • Gog
  • Magog
  • Rosh (Scythians)
  • Meshech and Tubal (Turkey)
  • Persia (Iran)
  • Cush (Sudan)
  • Put (Libya, or Algeria and Tunisia)
  • Beth-Togarmah (Turkey and Turkic peoples)

While searching for info on Tunisia, I came across the following from Wikipedia:

An aide to Binyamin Netanyahu subscribes to the Ezekiel Option. Joel C. Rosenberg, a NYT Best Seller List Author of Ezekiels Option and more recently, Epicenter, which discusses current events in light of end-times Bible prophecy. [Very interesting that all these current events are being documented in Wikipedia, providing a day by day account.

Such as:
  • Present-day (post-1948) Israel which contains Jews gathered from all the nations.
  • A time when Israelis dwell securely (his book The Ezekiel Option refers to the peace treaty between Palestinians and Israel).
  • The "last days" - a period before the coming of Messiah

  • Gog - a title like Czar, Pharaoh or Caliph referring to a leader.
  • Magog - refers to Russia based on Voltaire [Dictionnaire philosophique]: "There is a genealogical tree of the events of this world. It is incontestable that the inhabitants of Gaul and Spain are descended from Gomer, and the Russians from Magog, his younger brother: one finds this genealogy in so many fat books"

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[The following is from Steven M. Collins, who has been interviewed on Tamar Yonah]:

NOTE: Russia kept a military base for itself in northeastern Europe (which is still Russian territory) after the Soviet Union fell. It is called the Kaliningrad Oblast, and it is home to many units* of the Russian military forces. A Russian base still in Europe. Kaliningrad is actually part of Russia and its 5,800 square miles are located between Poland and Lithuania.

Kaliningrad used to be the old Prussian seaport of Konigsberg. Its “strategic importance” and “density of military infrastructure was the highest in Europe.” Russia recently threatened to position nuclear weapons** in this Russian European base. (Wikipedia)

*many of Russia’s Cold War forces in Eastern Europe were simply relocated to Kaliningrad after the Soviet Union fell. Those forces included between 100,000 and 200,000 Russian military personnel in army, tank and artillery units, helicopter units, 88 warships of various sizes and 195 Russian warplanes.

**Russian forces were estimated in 1997 to be lower in military personnel, but higher in numbers of naval ships and warplanes and it also stated that 1100 main battle tanks and 1300 armored vehicles were in Kaliningrad. It also mentions surface-to-surface missiles were based there. This is a large Russian military force located within NATO’s surrounding territory.

Wikipedia is documenting
what is now taking place before our very eyes.
Wikileaks is revealing
what went on behind the scenes leading up to what already happened.

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