03 January 2011

Stop the Non stop Gibberish!

Jerusalem - Israeli PM Wants Nonstop Talks With Palestinians

Does this mean:
A marathon run to the finish line ?
Whats the prize, a priceless '67 ?
Or a rare treasure auction ?
A Biblical Inheritance to be sold to highest bidder?
Or a New Year's Gift ?
A Housing Development give-away?

Since when does the Prime Minister refer to a Catholic rite in bargaining negotiations?

Netanyahu said he is ready to sit with Abbas “until white smoke rises” — an allusion to the Vatican’s custom when top Catholic Church officials decide on a new pope.

Breathe life into a dead fish? Is he referring to another Catholic rite, a resurrection of sorts?

Netanyahu issued his statement on Sunday in an apparent bid to breathe life into stalled Mideast peace making.

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