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26 September 2016

Prophecy in Our Days is Given to Children and Mentally Challenged Adults – Part I of II

Prophesy in our days is given to children and mentally challenged adults

24/6/16 My daughter told me she finally remembered a dream after previously never being able to tell me what she dreamed when she woke up. I asked her many mornings if she remembers without ever prompting because she is so spiritual and the women in our family have had prophetic dreams before. I waited for this dream for a long time, somehow I knew it was coming now!

Since that first dream, many nights after, she tells me more things she dreamed in the same theme. The second night, she dreamed the same exact dream again and she was still dreaming as she woke up which are two signs according to Rabbi .......... (I emailed him back and forth) that they are dreams that will come true and soon! She has many dreams but doesn't like telling me the bad ones so these are the good ones.

She told me that her friends and their parents and all of the Jews in Israel were all on a spaceship together for a ride around planet Earth. (I have learned any UFO we may see belongs to the many kinds of angels or negative forces that are in the world and they are real.)

She said Hashem told us to go up there with the angels to be safe from things that were happening below. Mashiach, Eliyahu Hanavi and Moshe Rabeinu were there to teach us Torah. They were very holy, had glowing skin and no one could touch them. The ship hovered for a while over Earth and saw all of the lands, then went into outer space where they visited another planet that was very cold.

She gave me many, many details of the size of the rooms, the food, the games, (trampoline for exercise) the sleeping arrangements, the way to enter and exit the ship and even what kind of Torah they learned (mostly having to do with the Beit Hamikdash but she said she learned everything!) Then she said we landed safely in Yerushalim when the world wasn't red anymore.

This description sounded to me like a nuclear blast or volcanic lava, neither of which she could describe anyway as more than "red."

She said at one point, Moshiach opened the mountain in Jerusalem and all of the Jews ran in to hide from bad people who came to kill them. Moshiach stayed to fight them for us. We were safe in the caves below.

The Beit Hamikdash was huge and golden with colored precious stones (I read it will be sapphire like the ten commandments were although she didn't specify blue) and went up to the height of the Heavens. She said the doors were very tall but it fit her perfectly because she was different than everyone as she had grown up and was very tall, a giantess, and her skin was filled with light. She said she had to bend down very much in order to kiss me but later on told me that was only on the spaceship, later she reverted to regular size. She said Hashem spoke to them all and invited them into the Beit Hamikdash. She said she saw Hashem, He looked just like light but she could hear His voice. She said she started cleaning up the mess that the Arabs left around the Beit Hamikdash. Everyone said to her that she shouldn't bother, that Hashem would make sure it was all cleaned up but she said she wanted to do it to help and honor Hashem and she enjoyed it very much.  She saw the kohanim dressed in white.  She saw angels too all in white, with wings and glowing. She said we didn't have anyone who wanted to hurt us anymore, that Hashem made the evil ones disappear and the rest of the goyim were very busy. They were building buildings and pyramids in their countries because Hashem told them to. She said all the Jews that were here in the land already were in Israel now rebuilding the city which had grown very big. Her grandparents and family in the States weren't here yet as it wasn't yet their turn to come. They were waiting. (She said this very emphatically although later she says my husband goes and gets them!)

She told me how resurrection of the dead will happen. She said Moshiach or melachim (I can't remember what she said and she doesn't remember all of the details now) would touch the body or bones and it would regrow from a little tiny size to full adult size with nice clothes on it. She said she wasn't afraid of all the dead bodies she saw around because Hashem was going to bring them back to life soon. We met her grandmother who she was named after as well as the baby I lost 15 years ago who was grown up now.

She said half the Jews would die as well as many of the non-Jews.


Anonymous said...

This is awesome. As a dreamer, and UFO watcher myself. Mentally instable as i may be, as liminted a Torah scolar i may be. I say this sounds so genuine to me.

Anonymous said...

Very nice and interesting, but something in particular bothered me and that is saying that the non-Jews would be in their countries building buildings (which is very nice) and 'pyramids'. Pyramids is something associated with ancient Egypt & the nwo. Where would she get such an idea? Spaceships, etc. , very unreal and illogical for Jews to accept.

We know there will eventually be nissim and niflaot, but according to our Jewish sources and thinking, not what is promoted by the outside world.

Emunah said...

Amazing dream! Thank you so much for sharing it. When I read about the whole world being red, I thought immediately of Nibiru, which is made of red iron oxide. When/if it gets very close to Earth, it will deposit tons of red iron oxide dust all over the planet.

Yankev said...


Mig said...

I also am bothered by her comment that half of the Jews will die. The Lubavitcher Rebbe stated the opposite. All Jews will survive because unlike the 80 percent of Jews that died in mitzraim, Hashem made a contract with us at mat tan Torah.

Anonymous said...

These are my daughter's dreams. I think they are examples of the many ways that Hashem can bring in the geula. He has so many ways of destroying the wicked and saving the righteous that any number of them can be used. Bad sounding prophesy doesn't have to fulfilled, only positive ones (although all that Hashem does is only good by definition.) Right now, everything is in place and we are only waiting.

I wanted readers to feel inspired by the messages sent to us and not worry that one detail might come true if it goes against something else told to us. We have plenty of sources saying opposite things. Hashem will surprise us anyway. This is just a hint. Don't focus on what the exact prophesy might be as much as the message sent to us. She has said quite a few conflicting statements of what will happen because I think she has been shown different possibilities. These are dreams that are mixed up with her thoughts as well and it is difficult to know if all of it is a direct message or parts of it. Enjoy the pure belief and connection to Hashem that our children have which isn't tarnished by our adult cynicism and bias as well as a wider knowledge of the world.

Anonymous said...

Basically, all those who were always interested in the coming of Moshiach know that there will be things that will be supernatural, but the supernatural will become the 'natural' and it won't seem strange.
We need only to believe in Moshiach's coming, hopefully very, very soon, and look to our Torah, the Prophets, Zohar, etc., and not care that much with 'dreams' that children or those mentally challenged have, because each person has a somewhat unique and different outlook on things. The Torah is explicit enough for us at this time, until the coming of Moshiach Tzdkeinu to understand that life will be just like it was meant to be in Gan Eden!

Anonymous said...

not all dreams are prophecy.

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