29 June 2015

Mrs Sasson was released from the hospital

"Mrs. Sassoon was brought to her mother-in-law’s on Erev Shabbos Parshas Chukas. Reb Gavriel, while discussing his wife’s strength and perseverance, told the Israeli Kol Berama station that she will continue receiving treatment at home, where she will be convalescing.

The Sassoon home on Bedford Avenue remains destroyed and uninhabitable.

Reb Gavriel, continuing to inspire with his outstanding faith and fortitude, said that with each day, he actually feels that he is “becoming stronger” and that the joy and memorable moments that he and his wife spent with their precious children keep them going and give them both chizuk.

“This world is a temporal one,” he said. “We are thus waiting for the time when we and our children will all be united once again.”

All are asked to continue davening for Gila bas Frances and Tziporah bas Gila."

So happy to report the above, as was reported in Matzav.com and Yeshivaworld.com along with uplifting words by R' Sasson. AND of course at Yaak's blog

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