11 May 2015

G-d put a Wall of Fire around the State of Israel!

Rav Nir Ben Artzi:

"G-d is protecting and guarding the state of Israel.

"G-d put a wall of fire around the state of Israel in order to enlighten and wake the Jews up in Israel and the world, and to protect Israel and the IDF soldiers above and below.

"The state of Israel, the holy land of Israel, is protected and guarded and all of the Jews in Israel and the IDF must follow the phrase "guard your souls," because people must make an effort and protect themselves.

"There will be disturbances and rockets here and there, but everything will be well in the holy land.

"G-d is making great miracles in Israel

"G-d put a wall of fire around the state of Israel"

"G-d is expanding the borders of Israel without them noticing, and He wants the Jews around the world to come urgently to Israel.  Suddenly the day will come when billions of gentiles will turn on them, toss them from their cars, their homes, and their work places.

"There is judgment outside of Israel and there is no protection for the Jews."

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