18 June 2014

What do you make of this? I'm Flabbergasted!

I cannot attest to the impartiality of the writer or the truthfulness of supposed statements made by Torah Rabbanim, but if accurate, I'm thoroughly flabbergasted. This is the entire article in English, not the Maariv article which is in Ivrit. You won't read about what "they" are saying anywhere else if you don't read Ivrit. Read this in contrast to the previous post, about Torah Sources relating to Our Boys that have been kidnapped, stolen fron their parents, friends and the Torah they were studying. How narrow a viewpoint is the below article?

Haredi Newspaper Says Three Zionist Orthodox Teens Kidnapped 
Because Israel Wants To Draft Haredim

Yated Ne'eman, the daily newspaper that serves as the mouthpiece for the mainstream non-hasidic Ashkenazi haredi faction headed by supreme haredi rabbinic leader Rabbi Aharon Leib Steinman, wrote today in an extended editorial that the three boys kidnapped by Arab terrorists on the West Bank Thursday night were were kidnapped by the “military draft law" that (at least on paper) forces haredi men to serve in Israel’s military like all other Jewish Israelis, Ma’ariv reported.

The editorial was reportedly written by Israel Friedman, the paper’s assistant editor in chief.

Friedman wrote that “the government is doing all it can to eradicate Judaism and Jews.” He also insisted that as bad the draft law was, there were also about 30 proposed new laws that are meant to ‘destroy’ various aspects of Judaism the government is trying to pass, as well. All this is why the three teens were kidnapped, he claimed.

“We are [all] guilty. All Israel is responsible for it,” the editorial said. But it went on to stress that it was learning and keeping the Torah that keeps the earth and its inhabitants safe from war, and when the government tries to diminish Torah scholars [i.e. all haredi yeshiva students] by forcing them to serve in the military, “ country is exposed to disasters. [like Thursday’s terrorist kidnapping].…Statistically, every time they tried to hurt those who study Torah, peace is undermined. Now when [the government] enacted the [military draft] law, even if the ways of Heaven are hidden and we can not calculate tit for tat, but obviously, something undermined local security. Because of the government, Israel has become a more dangerous place for its inhabitants."

Yated Ne'eman went on to say that when the Government of Israel is trying to make “an organized kidnapping of Torah scholars from their studies.” This causes the earth to want to “vomit us” out because the government is “trying to harm the real guardians [of the country; i.e., haredi yeshiva students]…the country is exposed to terrible dangers [as a result] and occasionally horrific bills [i.e., the kidnapping] are submitted to us for repayment."

Source:  Shmarya Rosenberg • FailedMessiah.com


yaak said...

Why are you flabbergasted? The assigning a reason at all? The early timing of assigning a reason? I don't think either are really problematic.

Rav Lior Shlit"a's statement was not much different.

The only thing I don't like is that it breaks the incredible amount of Ahdut that we've been experiencing the past few days. If it needed to be said, I think it could have waited.

HDG, Yerushalayim, E"Y Shlemah said...

Like golden apples carved on silver plates, so is a word spoken in its proper place (Mishlei Shlomo 25:11, Artscroll).

I wish more of them could be said, or not at all.

in the vanguard said...

It is not from his own insight that the "Palestinian Foreign Minister" today spoke to say that the Israelis were "fabricating" the "lie" of the kidnappings, as a guise to invade Arab territory; He obviously got his idea for this lie from the Israeli leftist press!

ninest123 said...
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