23 May 2012

The Internet is Not Potiphar, it is the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, Choose Life, Choose the Good

This is a companion piece (from my perspective) to Akiva's post on Is Your Kedusha Stronger than a Computer? kol HaKavod Akiva, I was also going to add that video to this post when I viewed it.

From the Asifa:

"So grave is the danger of Internet-watching that Torah authorities have ruled that Internet surfing without an anti-porn filter is a violation of the Torah commandment, “Thou shall not put a stumbling block in front of a blind man.” Erotic pictures on the Internet, whether they be in ads, on the Yahoo home page, or in adult sites, cause a person to violate a long list of Torah commandments, including:

“You shall be holy, for I the Lord your God am holy!” (Vayikra 19:2)

“Thou shall not turn astray after your hearts and after your eyes which lead you astray.” (Bamidbar 15:39)

“Therefore shall your camp be holy, that He see no unclean thing in you and turn away from you.” (Devarim 23:15)

“And you shall guard yourself from every evil thing.” (Devarim 23:10)

“Do not turn astray after their gods!” (Vayikra 19:4)

“You shall not walk in the customs of the gentile.” (Vayikra 20:23)

“Thou shall not bring an abomination into your house.” (Devarim 7:26)


With respect to the above, Religious Jewish men:

Do not walk on Manhattan streets
Do not own a business in Manhattan where one needs to hire locals
Do not ride the MTA lines to go anywhere
Do not ride city buses anywhere
Walk with eyes down on the streets of Boro Park, Flatbush, et al

Because the dangers do not only reside on some Internet sites, as they would have you believe, the dangers reside in your hearts. The antidote is to strengthen yourselves in Middos Tovos, in the personal Middos that pertain to strengthening one's outlook on life, one's motivations, aspirations, and your personal Ratzon. One can see a pile of mud and not want to get into it. The secret lies in your hearts, not to want or desire that which is truly not yours.

If your learning is entering your minds and hearts, would there be room for anything else?

This is your test from Shomayim in these days before Moshiach's arrival. Say "NO" to all perversions. Do you want to be among the 4/5ths that did not leave mitzrayim? It could happen.

Take your life seriously, your neshoma's health seriously, return to the basics of yiddishkeit, Torah and family.

When your computer/iPad screen/desktop is dark, it becomes a mirror to view one's reflection.


yaak said...

I'll assume that the title of this post was directed at my earlier post.

I'll say that it's exactly like Eishet Potiphar - although Eishet Potiphar herself represents the evils of the Internet which Yosef eschewed, Yosef ended up channeling that fate toward Kedusha by marrying her (adopted) daughter Asenat with Kedusha.

With respect to the rest of your post, I agree. בראתי יצר הרע בראתי לו תורה תבלין.

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