01 June 2011

We Jews Don't Believe in COINCIDENCE

It's All the Hand of HaShem
(within nature right now)

Obama says starting point for negotiating a Palestinian State WITHIN Israel begins with the pre "1967 lines" with land swaps to accommodate current situation

Over 50 tornadoes attack the American Heartland (East and West of the Mississippi)

Obama reiterates and elucidates his "67 lines" speech for AIPAC soon thereafter.

Another grouping of killer tornadoes attacks the American Heartland, devasting one city. Joplin, Missouri is practically wiped off the map!

If you say these are coincidences, you ignore the warnings from G-d. Still don't believe this could be? Visit World Watch and view their News Page listing all events and their so-called "coincidences". Listing covers many years, through GW Bush's presidency. Plus a new book, Eye to Eye - Facing the Consequences of Dividing Israel, by William Koenig. Read about the Book.


Garnel Ironheart said...


It would be nice to simply believe this but where were the tornadoes when the Fogel family was getting murdered? How come there's no tornadoes in Damascus even though they're sending so-called Palestinians to attack Israel on the Golan Border? Where were the tornodoes when we needed them 70 years ago?

Neshama said...

There doesn't have to be a Tornado for EACH nasty event in our history. What would be the purpose of that? People would just shrug it off after a while.

Other chessboard moves are made in Shomayim: We don't see them all, until we are meant to see them.

Nothing happens L'matta absent something L'maalah.