09 December 2008


I read something just today that helps me to see a little light in this dark tunnel we have just entered.

Divrei Hisorerus* by Harav Moshe Wolfson Shlit"a

"Something important is taking place in Shamayim now. 
Although we do not know what it is -- we are not neviim, 
but we are bnei neviim.

"The Arizal said that before every historic period for 
Klal Yisrael can arrive, a korban of a great tzaddik 
is required to initiate that era.

"The Arizal notes that before the Mishkan could be 
sanctified, Nadav and Avihu had to pass away....

"The Gemara says about the Jewish people that 
'if they are not neviim, they are bnei neviim.' 
Bnei neviim signifies a level lower than actual prophecy, 
in which only the neshama 'sees' the nevuah, 
but the person himself does not ... However, 
although a Jew does not know that he is receiving a nevuah, 
he has a deep-seated feeling that something historic 
is taking place in Shamayim. 
The natural state of a Jew is to be turned in 
to these nevuos -- even though he does not actually realize it.

"The tremendous outpouring of interest and concern displayed by the Jewish community worldwide to the events of the past week is a testament to this."

So, my dear yidden, we are bnei neviim, and we do sense 
something big about to happen. Baruch Hashem for His Wonders.

* 6 Kislev 5769 Hamodia


Avodah said...

I don't know if you read this detail but in the Mumbai Chabad house there was a torah scroll with a bullet hole through it.. The hole went through the passage about Nadav and Avihu , where it says " I will be sanctified through those close to me " .

Neshama said...

Thank you, yes I did read about it.
That makes it even more powerful!

maicher said...
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