30 January 2008

Will it Make a Difference to Anyone But Us?

When this article first appeared on Arutz Sheva online news (inn.com), I was very excited and sent it to some people for their response.

It was about a Canadian lawyer, Jacques Gauthier, who spent 20 years researching the legal status of Jerusalem, and he concluded:


So, will it make a difference to anyone but us?

So says Joe Orlow of jewishactivistnetwork.com:

“PM Olmert and Pres. Bush are set on giving control of Jerusalem over
to the Arabs.

Now, since under "international law" (whatever that means) Jerusalem
"belongs' to the State of Israel, it seems apparent that the duly
elected PM of said state can then, under international law, transfer
that "belonging" to someone else.

Under Torah, the Land of Israel, including Jerusalem, was given to
the Jewish People by G-d, and thus belongs to the Jewish People. And
the Land cannot be transferred or given to anyone else, since that
was not part of the original contract with G-d, that any Jew could
effect such a transfer.”

We are back where we left off, and it ain’t getting any better.

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