30 April 2007

Nisiya Tova! Bye my Friend, Li'Hitraot!


My friend Rachel flew off this afternoon to her new HOME in Yerushalayim.
From after Pesach until today, I was helping her, practically and emotionally.
It takes a great deal of courage to begin life anew in our ancient HOMELAND.

Life on planet earth is being shaken from its stupor, with one country fighting another, with families disintegrating, and misconceptions being unraveled inside the heads of arrogance, while rivers overflow, and winds blow tumultously - the weather as it unfurls its fury all at the bequest of the One who Rules.

And while all this is consuming the minds of intelligensia,
humble and loving neshomas are flying HOME
HOME to our Beloved HOMELAND.


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Anonymous said...

Hello. And Bye.