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26 March 2018

R’ Nir ben Artzi Message for Pesach – ENGLISH

Message from Nir Ben Artzi For Passover
Sunday, March 9, 2008

Father in heaven, King of the Kings of the Holy One, blessed be He, leads this world and rules this world. there are none but Him! There is no one to tell him what to do and no one can tell him what to do and disturb this world. Ended and ended, the end of all impurity and evil in the world came. The evil, the impurity, the hatred, lies, and deceit - are over and gone from this world. Gradually entering a new world of free love and all of us adhering to the sovereignty of the world directly, pure and holy. Mashiach and Temple - this is the new direction. The Land of Israel, the Holy Land, is very precious to the Holy One, blessed be He. The Holy One, blessed be He, tries in every way to feel sorry for every Jew in order to be in the first circle.

There are Jews in this world who fight for honor, and honor belongs only to God. No Jew in this world should seek honor, for honor belongs only to the Holy One, blessed be He. We will be humble, honest and truthful, the honor - only to the Holy One, blessed be He, everything begins and ends from Him.

Every Jew in this world has a destiny. Ministers, members of Knesset, doctors, policemen, judges, military men, rabbis, mayors, each has a role to play, a mission that the Holy One, blessed be He, has given him. If a Jew does not do, does not act, and does not fulfill his mission with integrity and truth, he falls into great trouble, because he seeks honor. Honor - only of the Holy One, blessed be He. He is honor and He is everything.

All the good that is in the people of Israel and all the gifts that the people of Israel have, everything is given to them by the Holy One, blessed be He. The Holy One, blessed be He, says to you: 'Give me tithes and tzedakah - I will multiply every shekel for you, and weigh more and more'. Do not look for respect because honor will escape from you, do not seek respect because honor will bring you down. ' Your honor is not yours, honor belongs only to the Holy One, blessed be He, there is no one but Him.

The Israeli government must stop harassing each other, and stop speaking loshon hora about each other. The more loshon hora and bad things speak about a person who has not yet been tried, a person who is innocent from heaven increases his protection, protects him endlessly, and he also rises and strengthens. This is the way of the Creator. There is nothing to boast about, everyone are workers for the Holy One, Blessed is He. A Jew can not be proud of "I did and did ..." Only the Holy One, blessed be He, does, gives and helps.

Soldiers, policemen and uniformed security personnel - you are the target of all kinds of gentiles who want to hurt Jews. Being alert and suspicious of everything, not believing anyone. Always 'be very careful for your soul' so that you will not have any surprises.

Especially in East Jerusalem. Jews and Arabs with blue identity cards are sent to harm IDF soldiers and policemen, they have bad thoughts, they are drugged, they are mentally ill, their goal is to hurt Jews, especially people in uniform.

Hamas wants to be proud as a peacock, swell with feathers, boasts. All the soldiers and the weapons he has, they put everything in a garbage can.

The IDF is discovering the tunnels and it is necessary to invest great efforts in discovering more and more tunnels.

Abu Mazen and Hamas are fighting for the inheritance, for the money. El-Arish, Rafah, Khan Yunis, Gaza - will eat each other, including the Sinai desert. There will be a world war between them. Let them come in their hearts! Let them come in their hearts! Let their hearts be broken, and their bow shall break!

Gog and Magog, and chaos – outside the borders of the Land of Israel. The people of Israel will believe in the Holy One, blessed be He, that they will place their trust in the Holy One, Blessed is He, and will only be good to them.

Syria - Destruction. Everyone wants to enter Syria and take a piece of land. The United States wants a slice, Russia wants a slice, and no one cares about the peace in Syria, they are all fighting to take parts and control Syria, their sword will come in their hearts and their bow will be broken, the Syrians, the rebels, the Hizbullah and the Turks.

Nasrallah and Hezbollah are not enthusiastic about fighting because they have a lot of old weapons, a tarantula, an antique, which is suitable for the year 1982. It has no effective weapon of 2018. Every shipment of arms and ammunition from Iran does not reach Hezbollah and Nasrallah.

In Iran, the people want to overthrow the regime. They need to know how to gather in a huge amount, not a small one. Do not worry, there will be a revolution in Iran. 99% of the people love peace and love, Europe and Israel. Only a handful of people in power go crazy in their heads and want to build opaque factories.

Turkey, Erdogan - his day is near. Many citizens suffer and want to make a revolution.

Turkey and Iran, to demonstrate in millions of people and not in the thousands.

Egypt, Sisi fought in the desert of Sinai in Da'esh, Hamas, and radical Muslims in order not to reach Egypt, because Da'esh wanted to blow up the Aswan Dam. Sissi drives them away so they will not interfere in the elections. In Egypt they are hungry for bread. Sisi is smart and intelligent, he has a tongue of beautiful speech. Because he is smart and intelligent, he listens to the State of Israel.

Whoever opposes the State of Israel, the President or the State, the Holy One, blessed be He, will harm them severely, confuse them and give them the most severe blows in the world. A president, country or state who wish to help the Jews in the Land of Israel - will be blessed by the A-lmighty and will have only good.

Trump, God chose him. Trump is the most powerful, the smartest, loves the Jews in the Land of Israel, helps the Jews in the land of Israel and the Holy One, blessed be He, will pay him twice as much as ever.

Jordan, Israel protects it. The Holy One, blessed be He, says to Jordan: 'You will not receive any piece of land from the Land of Israel - this is finished, and the end!’

In Europe, the United States, and other countries there is a very harsh anti-Semitism, once Jews were attacked secretly, and today the Jews are being openly attacked and the Holy One, Blessed be He, tells the Jews: 'I ask you to flee and come to live in the holy land of Israel. All the Jews. "The Muslim refugees control two-thirds of Europe, and two thirds of Europe speak Arabic.

The whole world knows that the Holy One, blessed be He, loves the Land of Israel and the Jews who live in the Land of Israel, so they are jealous, just as the Holy One, blessed be He, loved Abel, and Cain killed him. The Holy One, blessed be He, loves the people of Israel and no one can harm them. Israel is the most expensive in the world, it is the world's best, the best in the world, and it illuminates and revives the entire world - thanks to the Jews who are in the Holy Land.

Anyone who wants to disturb the land of Israel, Europe, the European Union, the Arab states, Kuwait, Qatar and Iran - the Holy One, Blessed be He - will confuse them, quarrel between them and have disasters.

North Korea, South Korea and China all came down from the tree. They did bring a ladder, but they got off the tree. Let everyone return to his country and all the atomic bombs will become flour.

Jews - assimilation, drugs, gambling and drinking - are forbidden. It's too bad for your health, it's a pity to get sick and suffer for nothing. The Holy One, Blessed is He, did not tell any Jew to do evil.

The rabbis of Israel accept visions, do not digest, it is difficult for them to understand. Boruch HaShem (they) began to examine, to speak and to be interested, and the Holy One, blessed be He, will give them confidence and courage to speak.

The sea is not calm, noisy and noisy. There are upheavals in the weather, heat here and cold there, fires, ice and snow. Earth is crying, the earth is in anger, earthquakes, winds rising and falling, because the end has come, and the end is that the earth will also stop suffering.

Everything that happens in the world, all the complications of conflicts, human errors, animals and beasts, the elements of nature, the spirit of man who once was nervous, once in agony, once lived well - all these complications before the coming of the Mashiach. Before the arrival of Moshiach there are all the most severe disturbances.

Rachel Imeinu and Leah Imeinu connected with the lower Mashiach. King David is responsible every morning and morning to awaken the King of Moshiach and help him in his mission to help the people of Israel. Baba Sali with all the righteous in Heaven, praying that the Creator of the universe will announce King Mashiach in public. There is a crown, there is a scepter, there is a mantle and there is a beautiful cover, there is humility and beautiful things. There is blue and purple and great joy and everything is open to the public! The whole world will be subject to the word of Mashiach.

Anyone who opposes and mocks will cost him dearly. Suddenly the day will come, it is in this generation and very close to the reign of King Mashiach in mercy! Jews to complete repentance, to turn from bitter to sweet, from bad to good, from stealing to doing kindness, from stinginess to doing kindness. Charity, charity, and tithes - this is free love.

We celebrate the Passover holiday in Israel and in heaven we celebrate it with the people of Israel. Passover will be glorious! We look forward to good things and await the Holy One, Blessed be He, who will announce the King Mashiach in public!


Anonymous said...

If Nir Ben Artzi told us that Moshiach was going to reveal himself in Nissan 5778, that would be encouragement. He’s already told us for many weeks that Moshiach will reveal himself in public very soon. That statement is just causing me heartache.

Rachel said...

Yes, that, and saying that all the evil and impurity in the world has ended. Really? Lost all credibility with that one!

J.A.H. said...

Soon is a relative term. 2 days vs 2 years in terms of everlasting, they are virtually the same. Aye, evil is not gone. It only waits, and bides it's time to strike.