18 September 2016

“The Danger of Knives has not Passed!"

"just like there is a holy spark in man that keeps him alive, there is a holy spark in animals and trees, and even in rocks, the holy and pure land of Israel is the holy spark that keeps the entire earth alive! Israel, a small place in the world, is the spark that keeps the earth and everything on the earth alive! It keeps the world alive and it is the reason that the world is alive and will live. . . "

"the danger of knives is not passed!"
"There will continue to be earthquakes in Japan.”

(R’ Nir Ben Artzi, Parashat Ki Seitzie, 8 Elul 5776 (9/11/16–

Q and A with Binyamin from AbsoluteTruth613:

Q When the star arrives, what about all the Jews that are in harm’s way around the world?
A Hashem is omnipotent; He will remove the Jews from such places. The Jews are real; they want to live as Jews. Do not forget that the nations will take the Jews to bring them to the Messiah with ships. (I am not sure of this reference, but it pertains to the fact that all the Jews will return in the time of the Moshiach as it says in the end of the Book of Isaiah).

Q The Star seems to be playing a game of hide and seek.
A This star is something heavenly. It is not only that it came from space, but it came directly from Hashem. And so, sometimes you see it, and sometimes not. And that's how it should be. But when you will see it, you will really see it with your eyes. You will not need a telescope to see it. It approaches.

AT: Benjamin has said many times that he only can say what Hashem wants him to say. . . he is saying Hashem has not revealed the information to him.

Q There was a powerful earthquake that killed hundreds of people in Italy and was not very far from the Vatican. Is this a clear sign of the impending redemption?
A This is a big warning for them.

Q Do they get it?
A Yes, definitely, they also know the prophecy that Rome will burn [Jeremiah 49 and other places]. It is also written in our Torah, that they copied. They also know that Rome is wicked, only they do not understand that they themselves are very evil [the end of the book of Daniel].

Very few Jews now perceive that this is the last of our testing [איוב ל"ג כ"ט: 'הֶן כָּל אֵלֶּה יִפְעַל אֵ-ל פַּעֲמַיִם שָׁלוֹשׁ עִם גָּבֶר...'], and what can you do, if you do not trust Hashem - nothing [the Vilna Gaon Proverbs 23, whose giving of the Torah to Israel is to have trust, and that's the purpose of all the Torah and its commandments].

So I ask all the people of Israel understand that we are now in the final test. The time is now, Elul is the time to repent, yet we must have a change of heart, a change with our desire for materialism. We must enter with all our forces and spirituality, and if it is difficult for you, work on it hard, because without it there is no future.

* * * * * * * *

Anti-Semitism will increase and lead to the expulsion of Jews from Europe, the United States, South Africa, Australia, and all of the continents. . . . The entire world is chaos . . . The world is Egypt, and they are getting the ten plagues. (R’ Nir ben Artzi)

And we see that the Danger 
of the Explosives/Bombs  (Manhattan/New Jersey) of 
the ISIS and Terrorists will not cease!

Lightening striking the Torch of the Statue of Liberty in Manhattan

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