05 September 2016

Fascinating Video of Sightings of the Prophesied RED STAR – Nibiru, The Winged Planet

Nibiru  (the winged planet)  Moving Closer and Closer

STOP AT 22:30 After the VIDEO sightings Dobbs goes into dialogue about England, a discussion of the Euro vote, and other worldwide events – it is his personal unfolding of Europe’s predicament but not relevant to our Jewish understanding of this prediction SO STOP AT 22:30.

Remember THE VIDEO SIGHTINGS OF NIBIRU AS FORETOLD BY Rabbi Moshe Cordovero (from ShiratDevorah) and his depiction of jacks:  (compare the jacks to the sightings above)

And the STAR OF MOSHIACH from Vision of Geulah (we need to review what’s already be discussed)

“Dobbs: Time to start buying two to four weeks of food ahead, storing fuel and medical equipment and looking at your regional geography and look at the lessons of our ancestors [ . . . ]. Your belief systems cannot hold this at bay. Nibiru is inbound. Will this be the last big flyby? I truly don't know but I do know September through to February next year is going to be tough on us all. But we've got through worse and we can get through this. AND DO NOTE, THEY JUST FOUND A NEW PLANET. AND WHAT'S THE FIRST THING YOU NEED TO MAKE A NEW WORLD ORDER? WAGE PEACE! WE ARE NOT A PLANET OF WAR. WE ARE A PLANET SUBVERTED WITH WAR AND THAT WILL NOW CHANGE. GOOD LUCK!!!"

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Devorah said...

That's a good one Neshama, we could well see it on the 25th day of Elul. I guess we'll find out soon.