25 September 2016

EXTREMELY INTERESTING – About the Plasma Effect Around Nibiru plus . . .

An Extremely Interesting Video 
WSO Sept 23 - Special Guest Jeff Shows Us NIBIRU
There are many videos and photos purporting to be Nibiru, but we will not know for sure until Hashem reveals the wonders spoken and prophesied about. Nevertheless, we Jews have a very curious nature. Especially now, before Rosh Hashanah we need to keep in mind that the King of the Universes and All Matter and Non Matter belong to Hashem, and He is in complete control. When we enter this special time of our Yom Tovim please keep in mind (thoughts) and heart (feelings) that we owe all living matter and life itself to the Ultimate Creator and we should be extremely grateful that All This is for the benefit of Am Yisrael (as it was in Mitzrayim, the first redemption, so shall it be in our Geula, the last redemption)

This Jeff is one smart guy 
(my estimation is that Jeff might be Jewish) 

In some of his discussion, he says “ Sound and light heard and seen only at the focul point (which reminded me of "Saw the sound and heard the sight at MOUNT SINAIAnd they can converge it onto a person . . . .

and then mentioned:

Project BlueBeam (I do not know what this is?)


Space Physics (Wikipedia)

Space physics is the study of PLASMAS as they occur naturally in the Earth's upper atmosphere. As such, it encompasses a far-ranging number of topics, such as heliophysics which includes the solar physics of the sun: the solar wind, planetary magnetospheres and ionospheres, auroras, cosmic rays, and synchrotron radiation. Space physics is a fundamental part of the study of space weather and has important implications not only to understanding the universe, but also to practical everyday life, including the operation of communications and weather satellites. Space physics is distinct from other fields of astrophysics which study similar phenomena, in that space physics utilizes in situ measurements from high altitude rockets and spacecraft.

The following 4 images show the Plasma Effect of Nibiru, plus the video after that:

More proof of Nibiru creating plasma on the ground in Germany

Magnetic Birkland Current

Appears to be a Lens Flare; however

Could there be Texture in a Lens Flare??

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