14 September 2016

Evidence of Another Solar System Orbiting in our Backyard

Ample Evidence of Another Solar System Orbiting in Ours?
The vastness of the Universe is but a small drop in the ocean of outer space, containing many Universes. Hashem has named each and every planets, moons, and suns, and controls their comings and goings. Do not for one moment think that they have any movements not under His control. From the largest to the most infinitesimal are His.

This is a rendition of what a binary Sun system might appear:

These three photos show a Source of Light moving across the sky, which could be the sun, THINK AGAIN; however in the last photo we see this source of light approaching our SUN! . . . and being eclipsed. (there are more photos but here is only a sample highlighting the movement)

These three photos show an Orb near our Sun, then the Orb again with a body near it, and then in the last photo again these are eclipsed by our Sun. Reminds me of the video by Devash, of the balloon sighting of a red orb with green nemesis nearby.

Here are two still shots of the Halo around our SUN

This a SECCHI sighting in space that is NOT part of our solar system, that moves and casts a Shield in front of it . . . see next photo (Spaceship?). This SECCHI Object has occupied many videos discussed by Steve Olson and his friend Wayne.

This is a sighting IN OUR ATMOSPHERE that seems to corroborate the previous SECCHI vision (Spaceship or sorts?)

Here you can see it over a city skyline, in upper right section, green flash. (click on it and make larger so you can see it better)

And this last one shows an Orb in the East (with our Sun setting in the West) seemingly followed by a body of DEBRIS (possibly the tail of Nibiru)

Final Spectacular Sighting 
(reminder of the SECCHI)

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