02 August 2016

Visit the All Sky Cam to View Objects and What’s Going on in REAL TIME.

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from Grumpy Moose Observatory, Anchorage, Alaska, USA
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People are catching some fascinating Images in our Skies, attesting to the “Visiting Planets” in our Hemisphere. Please see with reference to the Red Halos

This photo is from Steve Olson showing Huge Red double Halo

These three photos are from Mexico as seen on AbsoluteTruth; where in Reb Menachem writes, "All these photos and many more that I have seen are saying that Nibiru is appearing to be two to three times the size of the moon these days. The size is an important aspect in gauging its closeness. The fact that it is getting so big to the naked eye tells us that it is close, much closer than a 24 Sep deception."

The following images were found on Before Its News of the Red Dust in the atmosphere just prior to the rising of “a Sun" in the West, with description: [I realize it says ‘rising in the west’ but this is what the submission says; and there have been stranger sightings than this]. 

"Before its News sighting PlanetX [Nibiru] Red Iron Oxide Dust Cloud Caught on All Sky Cam”

Same view, from the Horizon

Continued:  "About an hour later it clears some and you have a Sun-Looking-Object trying to Rise in The deep West-Corner”

This is what the person who submitted these images wrote:

"Saved pictures below at 3:35 EST (my time) on April 29th, 2016.
"The sky here in georgia USA at 3:35AM EST is reddish-orange (BEEN LIKE THIS ALL NIGHT) is the reason I checked allskycam for more proof. Grumpy Moose Observatory, Anchorage, Alaska, USA. "

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