28 August 2016

“Stop Having Israeli Jewish Babies: The Land is Too Full"

HE SAYS:  The Land is Too Full*
Who is He?   Alon Tal of Adam Teva V’Din
What is Adam Teva V’Din?

[doesnt look crowded to me :-) ]

Because the beaches are too full, an environmentalist, Alon Tal, one of the founders of Adam Teva V’Din suggests to stop having so many Israeli Jewish babies!

This guy has been in academia too long, and has developed “progressive oppositism”. [Me: Here I coin a new phrase “oppositism,” meaning “the disease of ‘progressivism’ which infects their minds and thinking that transforms ‘the opposite’ (diametrically different; of a contrary kind), into the preferred, i.e. the oppositism.]

Some of his proposals:

“[A]ccording to the Central Bureau of Statistics, Israel’s current population is 8.522 million people, having grown 2.2% over the previous year.”

It says “8.5 million people” – Who are these people? These are NOT all Jews. Even some Israelis may not be Jewish. (Really! Gasp … gracious, what am I saying?)

“[S]tabilize the population so the country doesn’t need to keep building new apartments at such a voracious rate”

Tal singles out two populations who are most guilty of perpetuating overpopulation: the ultra-Orthodox Haredim, and the Bedouin

“People shouldn’t be paid for having large families — it’s a bad public policy.”

“Delaying the age of marriage is something that we can really do,”

Does he sound like Al Gore in “An Inconvenient Truth”?

“I know that we came here to bring a blessing to the land, and 50 million people cannot bring a blessing to this land; they can only bring destruction and devastation. That’s a reality,”

“Today, Zionism’s great success is our nimble ability to realize when reality changes, we need to change too. We need to change a country’s objectives and visions. Anyone who is not willing to change is the anti-Zionist, because you are dragging this country off a cliff. We’re on the edgy of the abyss, environmentally and socially.”

“With all due respect to the wonderful work of Nefesh B’Nefesh, [… ] we can stop what has been a self-righteous, almost insufferable Zionist superiority complex, which says to Jews around the world, your quality of life is deficient. You don’t have the Jewish integrity, being a Jew abroad is somehow fake.”

“Israel’s unsustainable population growth is the result of public policies,” […] If we don’t, [demographic dynamics] our descendants will curse us, because we were given a Land of Milk and Honey, and we turned it into an ecological and social disaster.”

A Terrifying Future Indeed . . .

As a country, Israel is simply too full. In his new book, “The Land is Full: Addressing Overpopulation in Israel” the author lays out a terrifying future if Israel does not start to control the meteoric population growth.

All of these outlandish quotes can be found in a quite lengthy article on the ‘progressive news site 

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I saw this article a couple weeks ago and am just now posting it. However, in this weekend’s JPost paper edition, Seth J. Frantzman has critiqued this same book and its author. His final words are:

Israel is NOT the most crowded . . . 32nd behind Lebanon and others. Tel Aviv isn’t even in the top 40 cities by population density. Israel is perfectly positioned to be similar to . . . UAE. What it needs is a more dynamic economy and solutions to its housing crises. That doesn’t mean less people, it means better policies to plan for them all and to open up the Negev to real development. The Land is not full, the Land has simply been mismanaged.

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Adam Teva V’Din

*Arafatrat is turning over in his grave saying I told you so!

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Leah said...

...yes, but unfortunately you will never make this guy see how progressive thought and policies are inept....

Neshama said...

Leah – I’m sure the women who care will never go for this. Remember Shifra and Puah?

Anonymous said...

This guy with his group is just another leftist evil doer and is working & doing the bidding of the 'big agenda' of depopulating the world and especially the depopulation of the Jewish people. Simple enough.

As far as being overcrowded, there is something to that and that is - expel all the foreign invaders that cross the border into Israel, each and every one of them. Of course, the yishmaelim should have been the first but that's a whole other tzorah. Of course, the missionaries must be expelled. As long as the Erev Rav rules, there's little to hope for until Moshiach shows up.

Neshama said...

Anon - you said it!

CDG, Yerushalayim, E"Y Shlemah said...

The Land is not full, but Alon Tal is definitely full of it.

Neshama said...

CDG, I was going to put that in my post but it's better as a comment.

annie said...

Apparently... he's not aware of the Land stretching as the skin of a deer, nor that the baby when he is born comes with his own loaf of bread!!! *:-)