10 August 2016

Nibiru is a Sun with Seven Planets/ Moons in its (Separate) Solar System

Nibiru is not a planet, it is a star, a sun accompanied by 7 planets/moons (a separate solar system). AbsoluteTruth613.

Zohar Shemos 6b or 7b 'רבי שמעון זקף’).

"Thus will I magnify Myself and sanctify Myself; and I will make Myself known in the eyes of many nations, and they shall know that I am G-d." (Ezek. 38:23). There in Egypt [when G-d manifested His glory] there was one king [Pharaoh]. In the future [redemption His glory will be manifested] to all the rulers of the world.

Rebbe Shimon said: Woe to he who is present at that time [of the coming of the Mashiach] and happy is the portion of one who is present and found at that time.

Woe to he who is present at that time because at the time when the Holy One Blessed be He comes to redeem the deer [the Shechina from exile] He will look at all those who stand with her and at all those who are found with her. He will look at the actions of each and every one of them, and He will not find one who is worthy and righteous, as is written: "And I looked, and there was none to help" (Isaiah 63:5). Then how many troubles will come upon troubles for Israel. Happy is he who is ready at that time, because he who lives in faith at that time will be worthy to receive the light of the joy of the King [because then G-d will rejoice in His works]. It is of that time that the verse refers to; "I will refine them as silver is refined, and will test them as gold is tested". (Zechariah 13:9)

The troubles will be like fire to purify the rebellious and the wicked. The remainder will be tested as to their faith as gold is tested in the goldsmith's forge to test if it is free of impurities. Happy are they who will have the faith enabling them to endure these times because they will see the direction of the seemingly chaotic events. Those who have no faith will be subject to terror and fear which will give them the chance to rise to the challenge - or fail the test.

Zohar, Shemos 6b

What is decreed for man in the heavenly worlds is revealed through dreams. As Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai explains: "Thirty days before a nation rises to power, or before a nation is to endure a disaster, the coming event is announced throughout the world. It is sometimes communicated through the mouths of children, or that of the simple-minded, or at times through birds who proclaim it to the world, but no one is aware of this because no one understands. When the nation is worthy, the impending misfortune is announces to the righteous leaders of the generation so that these may issue a warning; thus, when the people hear about the decree they may return to their Maker. Yet, if the people are not deserving, it is as we said." (Zohar, Shemot 6b)

Below we have the sun passing a Planet (one in the Nibiru System) in several stills from a video. The bottom two photos (same day) are taken from Alaska – showing the same object. It is very big and near the size of our Sun. Nibiru is also a sun, so in other photos where there are TWO shining suns, one of them is Nibiru. Depending when you go to the AllSkyCam, you can see two bodies LIGHTING up the sky, one our Sun and the other Nibiru. Careful to check time of day in upper left corner, then check the East and West on the horizon view (below the Cam).  At the right time of its orbit, you can see both the East and West LIT UP.


Moriah said...

It looks transparent to me. The moon doesn't look like that, meaning it always looks solid. This looks like the image Tomer Devorah posted that was in front of the mountain. If this is a sun shouldn't be substantial as the moon in our sky? I want to see what you are seeing but in most of these pics it looks a reflection. It doesn't look as if the image is behind the telephone poles but in front of them as the characteristics of the image are not behind the poles but in front of them.

Neshama said...

An image in front of a mountain is a refraction or lens flare. These pics are authentic sightings by NASA or govt. programs, not individuals. The Sun is the bright object with the black dot in the center, and was shown in a VIDEO passing over the other object. It was not Nibiru, because Nibiru is also a SUN/Star. This was most likely one of its planets/moons. These were taken AUG 6-7 and corroborate each other. No comparison with that on Devash’s site, which is a refraction of something in the sky or a lens flare, if you are referring that on 11 Tammuz.

Moriah said...

I never doubted where the photos were taken or by who. But I ask you this, why are the characteristics --the lines etc., showing in front of the telephone poles? In image number 1 the two left poles are obscured somewhat due to the features of this image. Same in image number 2. The diagonal lines or rays go in front of the poles in the photo, don't they? That cannot be denied? How is this a planet if it's transparent features are in front on the poles? I want to be redeemed. I want mashiach to come as much as any G-d fearing Jew. But I cannot believe something my eyes tell me is not true.

Neshama said...

Moriah, that’s the SUN and it shines on and around objects. These are stills from a video. If you look at the video yourself it will make sense. What you are saying is not so. It is known, the eyes can deceive; three people can see an incident with their own eyes and when interviewed all have different impressions of what they saw.

Moriah said...

Okay, I see what you mean. The light in the upper left hand corner spreading down is sunlight causing glare. This is the kind of light we experienced on our Shabbat walk last week. It was around 7PM and we were walking east and the glare was so strong we couldn't even walk safely with sun glasses so we turned around...