17 August 2016

Nibiru Approach Simultaneous With Introduction of Moshiach

AbsoluteTruth: Nibiru’s closest approach being simultaneously with the introduction of Moshiach (Numbers 24:17), meaning that the star IS Moshiach, and will make it's closest approach when Moshiach is here and we meet him, not three days before when Eliyahu tells us of the coming of Moshiach.

Nibiru is a dwarf star but it gives of very little light. Just as the stars disappear when the sun comes out due to the atmosphere reflecting the sun (our blue sky), Nibiru also is covered by the blue sky. That is why it becomes visible [?] at sunrise and sunset in many places in the world – when the sun is not as bright. When it gets much bigger, it will be seen very clearly, probably at night.

Nibiru is a sign, all the effects that are happening on Earth (great increase in earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, crazy weather, pole shift, magnetic effects, radiation increase, meteors, asteroids, sinkholes, gravitational effects, Nibiru size, this is too long a list for here), I doubt that Nibiru is further away than 5776.

The view that he comes after Moshiach, is the Rambam's view in (Mishneh Torah Hilchos Melachim 12:2). The fact that the Rambam, seems to contradict the Posuk in Malachi: "Behold I will send you Eliyah the prophet, before the coming of the great and dreadful day of the lord," the Chasam Sofer explains this day refers not Moshiach's arrival, but to Gog's assult on the Land of Israel.

The Tosfos Yomtov and Maharal Chaviv maintain, that Moshiach and Eliyahu will come together. (see Tosfos Yomtov on Sanhedrin Chapter 1: Mishnah 3.)

Following are some interesting photos:

This is a map of the Nibiru System, that one researcher, Samuel Hoffman, has created after his many years of following and researching [with Nibiru very large and behind Sarru, and the “Star” being our Sun to give an approximation of sizes of the system orbs]:

In 1980, Samuel Hofman wrote a scientific paper that showed how the sun in our solar system could not possibly support 9 planets, with gas giants. He showed through this paper that we had to have a binary twin solar system to balance the chemical electromagnetic equation. Samuel Hoffman...if you have been around for awhile in this community, you should know this name. Dr. Harrington used Samuel's calculations […] Samuel shares the basic knowledge he gained from being a government insider turned renegade. Samuel will change the way you think about our universe. [I could not find any other credible information about Samuel Hofman. We are relying on Steve Olson for this info.]

These are three screen shots of what he refers to as the Empire Orb (not Nibiru):

This one shows our Moon and the Green orb:

And lastly a “no lens flare” comparison via saturation:

And these are just very very interesting captures, supposedly the same object but from different views:

If you use your zoom on this one, texture can be detected:

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